Yamaha launch the P-125 Digital Piano

Posted on 4th April 2018 by

Yamaha launch a brand new digital piano, the P-125. This is an 88-key full size piano that is sleek and portable thanks to its minimalist design. Soon available to order from Rich Tone Music!

Excellent Audio

Yamaha include their Pure CF Sound Engine in this model, meaning 24 different voices are available. These are some of the highest quality samples available in the realm of digital pianos, including Yamaha’s renowned CFIIIS 9-foot grand. The P-125 is more than capable of producing the rich reverberation of a concert piano. The sampled instruments allow you to play dynamically and express yourself, particularly when combined with the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard action.

Yamaha P125

Yamaha have included a set of rhythm tracks including both drums and bass which will help set a mood to accompany your playing. There’s reverb and chorus effects included, as well as dual, split and duo functions on the keyboard. The P-125 uses a new 2-way speaker system and the latest acoustic technology, which means Yamaha can offer uniquely authentic acoustic piano performance at this price range.

Smartphone Compatible

The P-125 is fully compatible with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app v2.0 for iOS. This app will let you control many functions of the piano using your smart device. There’s even a brand-new pedal unit available as an optional extra with the P-125, the LP-1. This will allow you to increase your expressive playing and really get the most out of the excellent piano voices on offer.

Yamaha Lp1 Pedal

Have your very own Portable Grand!

Yamaha P125 Speakers

With a stripped back aesthetic yet with great functions and sound, the P-125 is sure to be a hit from Yamaha. It also weighs only 12kg, meaning you can carry it around and play more or less anywhere. Much easier to carry than a grand piano for sure! Soon to be available from Rich Tone Music. Check out Yamaha’s overview video below!


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