The Yamaha Genos is Almost Here…

Posted on 15th September 2017 by

We’re very excited to say that the brand new Yamaha Genos Arranger Workstation is almost here, and there’s a lot to be excited about! The Yamaha Genos is the next generation of Yamaha’s acclaimed Tyros keyboard and it seems to have got everybody talking.

Update, 24th Sept 2017Yamaha have since added two more teaser videos, offering further fleeting glimpses of the new Genos. If all the sounds we’re hearing in these videos are in fact generated by the Genos, it looks as though Yamaha may have surpassed themselves and then some! Also, there’s confirmation of the large LCD display screen.

There will be fourth and final teaser video from Yamaha on 29th September, ahead of the official launch on Monday 2nd October.

Pre-order your Yamaha Genos now – £99 refundable deposit

What we know so far

Yamaha are remaining pretty tight-lipped with regards to any real juicy detail on what no doubt is going to be their new flagship keyboards, but here is what we know so far…

  • It’s going to replace the Tyros. Yes, that’s right, the Genos is the next generation version of Yamaha’s famous Tyros keyboard.
  • It launches Monday 2nd October. By then, we will have all the details and the Genos listed on our website.
  • We’re off to Berlin for the inside scoop. Lucky us! We’ve been invited to the German capital to see what all the fuss is about, sadly we won’t be able to share too much with you before the official launch.
  • We’ll be holding our own Genos event. On Tuesday 14th November we will be inviting you to join ourselves and Yamaha for an afternoon dedicated to the new Genos, more info on that soon…

You can also trade in your old Yamaha Tyros for the new Yamaha Genos. We will pay the very best prices for any old Tyros models and we are happy to pay cash, or we can usually offer an even better deal taking your instrument in part exchange!

Click the image above or email us directly at for further details. Please remember to detail any extras you have with your keyboard such as stands, speaker systems etc.

We are also happy to help and offer advice with regard to shipping your Tyros to us and in some cases we can even arrange collection!

Keep an eye on this blog as we will be updating it with further details as we get them!

Pre-order your Yamaha Genos now – £99 refundable deposit


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