Ultimate Control With The Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer

Posted on 3rd September 2018 by

Most guitarists spend their waking hours laboring over the sounds and tone that suit them the most.  Yet, for vocalists, controlling your voice has always been harder to deliver the same attention to detail. Not anymore, though. Because the Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer gives you everything you need to craft that perfect sound. You’ll get all the effects you desire to achieve those amazing harmonies and unique tones. All in one little box.

All Your Vocal Needs Right On The Pedalboard

VE-500 Vocal Performer

The Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer is filled with a whole heap of sound-shaping capabilities. From subtle sweeps to over-the-top effects of today’s modern music, you can enhance your voice in any way you choose. And, the box is easy to integrate into your pedalboard. Just plug your guitar into the Boss and hammer away at its array of voice enhancers. And, with its built in harmony, pitch, and vocoder functions, it’s easy to stay in tune.

Effects To Impress

VE-500 Vocal Performer

With Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer you can enjoy a massive array editable effects. It includes essentials such as compression, a de-esser and an EQ. Furthermore, you’re also able to tap into its array of reverb and delay sections for a wide range of expansive sounds. And, you’re able to spice up your voice with effects such as chorus, flanger, tremolo and distortion. Additionally, you’ll get a tasty slice of ring-modulation, filtering and a radio voice effect.

Complete Performance Control

VE-500 Vocal Performer

The Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer gives you complete control. Let’s say you’ve just found your ideal combination of tone, EQ and FX. You can save it to one of the 99 user patch locations, then, recall that setting instantly. And, you can use your Mac or Windows computer to use its editor/librarian software. This allows you to modify your sounds before you go live. Additionally, it has three panel knobs to enable on-the-fly tweaks.  Moreover, it includes three integrated footswitches. These offer easy access to several handy functions. They include patch selection, harmony and looper settings, and effects on/off.

By and large, the VE-500 is a welcome addition to the pedalboard. It delivers overall control of the sounds you wish to project without compromising your ability to perform with a guitar or bass.  Furthermore, its huge array of sounds and features will take you up a level.  It shoots you closer to that completely pro performance that most musicians spend a lifetime aspiring to.



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