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When did Fender Switch to 9.5 Inch Radius Necks?

Fender generally utilised 7.25 Inch Radius necks from the start of production. There were several variations in models and specifications, especially in the early 80s – such as 12 inch radius fingerboards. The 9.5 inch radius was one of the major design features of the American Standard Stratocaster released at the 1987 Namm show, designed to give a more traditional feel to the instruments once more while still retaining modern play-ability.

When did Fender buy Guild Guitars?

Fender bought the Guild brand in 1995. Fender subsequently sold Guild Guitars to Cordoba Music Group in 2014. The strategic focus was to concentrate manufacture of acoustic guitars under the Fender brand name.

When did Fender buy Gretsch?

Technically, the Gretsch family still own the Brand Gretsch. In late 2002, the Gretsch family and Fender Musical Instrument Corporation reached an agreement where Fender look after the Marketing, Production and distribution of guitars. Due to this agreement, you often see Gretsch guitars marketed and displayed alongside Fender branded products in Fender Authorised Dealers.

When was Fender Founded?

Leo Fender founded the “Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company” in Fullerton California 1946.

When did Fender Buy Jackson Guitars?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation purchased Jackson in Autumn 2002 with US production of Jackson Guitars moving to the Fender Corona factory.

Where are Fender Telecasters Made?

Current Fender Telecasters are made in the following countries: China, Mexico, Japan and America.
The models made in China, such as the Modern Player Telecaster, are the entry point to Fender branded Telecasters. The mid range models are made in Mexico and there are several series available, such as the Standard Series and the Classic Player Series. Japanese made models tend to be done as limited edition models (Fender Special Run) with limited production globally. The American made Fender Telecasters represent the top of the range available.

Where are Fender Standard Stratocasters Made?

Fender Standard Series Stratocasters are made in the Ensenada factory in Mexico.

Where are Fender Standard Telecasters made?

Fender Standard Series Telecasters are made in the Ensenada factory in Mexico.

Where are the Fender Classic Series Made?

The Fender Classic Series is all made in Fender’s Ensenada factory in Mexico.

Where are Fender Guitars made in America?

American Fender Guitars are all made in their Corona factory, which is located in California.

Where are Fender FSR Guitars made?

FSR – stands for Fender Special Run. The FSR models have become known for being made in Japan over the years. However, the FSR term has become increasingly used to describe any limited run instrument from Fender in recent times. Thus, a new FSR Model could technically be Mexican, American or indeed Japanese in origin and will be clearly described on our product pages.

Where are Fender Modern Players Made?

The Fender Modern Player Series of guitars are made in China. By checking on the back of the guitar headstock, you will see “Crafted In Japan” printed on it.

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