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Looking for the Denon DJ Forum?

Follow this link to the Denon DJ Forum.

You will need to sign up to become a member, read and contribute content. If you want a more generalised DJ Forum then  djforums.com has a large community, which is open to view to the public without registration, although you can register if you wish to contribute to the discussions.

Denon Headphones for DJ

Looking for Denon Headphones for DJ?
There are a wide range of headphones perfect for DJ applications from a number of different manufacturers.
Denon DJ Headphones are among some of the best in the business, being very well made with great sound quality.

The Denon DJ HP1100 are the pick out of the range, featuring the 53mm drivers which deliver deep rich bass.

Where are Epiphone Guitars made?

The simple answer is, China.
Since 2002, Epiphone guitars were manufactured in Qingdao, with only a few exceptions to that rule.

How to clean Gibson guitar?

Gibson make a range of official cleaning products. Perfect products to clean your Gibson guitar.

Check out the Gibson range of Guitar Polish and Cleaners available to buy online.

Here is an all in one solution to clean your Gibson guitar.

Who makes Gibson Guitar Strings?

The general consensus is that Gibson guitar strings are made by D’Addario, in their factory to Gibson’s specifications.

Check out all the range here for Gibson Guitar Strings.

Where are Taylor Guitars Made?

Taylor Guitars are made in the USA and Mexico.

Taylor USA models start with the 300 Series and upwards in price point.

Taylor Guitars made in Mexico consist of the following ranges: Baby Series, Academy Series, GS Mini Series, 100 Series and 200 Series.

Where are Schecter Guitars Made?

Most ranges of Schecter Guitars are made in South Korea.

Schecter uses several factories around the world. The Custom Shop range are made in the USA and command a price premium.

The mid range is made in South Korea and price points covered are normally £500-£1200 at the time of writing.

The lower price point instruments are made in China, Indonesia or Vietnam deepening on model/series.

Where to buy Stratocaster neck?

You can buy official Fender Stratocaster Necks from our selection here.

Will Fender Stratocaster Neck fit a Telecaster?

In simple terms yes. It will fit, work and intonate correctly. However, a Fender Telecaster Neck pocket has a squared heel shape. Whereas a Fender Stratocaster heel is rounded.
So expect small gaps in the corners of the neck pocket if you decide on retrofitting this configuration yourself.

Are Lowden Guitars Any Good?

It is our opinion that Lowden Guitars are very good indeed! In fact, they are some of the best acoustic guitars money can buy. Hand-Built in their factory in Northern Ireland, Lowden Guitars are made to exacting standards using the best tone woods available. Production is limited to a fixed number of build slots each year so no compromise is made on the quality of the instruments made.

Where are Lowden Guitars Made?

Lowden Guitars are handbuilt in Northern Ireland. They are some of the finest hand made acoustic guitars you can buy.

What Fender guitars are made in Mexico?

Fender Guitars have and are being made in a number of facilities around the world. The main series of guitars made in Mexico are:

The list, while not exhaustive, will help you identify the main Mexican guitar series. Rich Tone Music always try to include a country of origin attribute on our Fender listings so you can clearly identify which country the guitar is made.

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