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Will an Electric Guitar work without Amp?

Technically, Yes.

If you do not plug an Electric Guitar into a Guitar Amplifier, you are simply getting an “acoustic sound”. Depending on the body type of the Electric Guitar you will get some intrinsic volume from the instrument – perfectly fine for practising quietly in your bedroom. However, to be fully enjoyed, they are designed to be used in conjunction with a guitar amplifier.

Are electric guitars the same as acoustic?

No. Electric Guitars are not the same as Acoustic Guitars. The primary volume source from an Electric Guitar is provided by a Guitar Amplifier, as string vibrations are transmitted down through the pick ups, through the cable to Amplifier. An Acoustic Guitar works by the guitar string vibrations being circulated in the body of the acoustic guitar, and physically being amplified and pushed back out of the sound hole. Thus, an acoustic guitar has a naturally louder and tonally different sound than an “unplugged” electric guitar.

There are many other differences, such as their traditional build methods, how they feel to play, the types of musical genre they are best suited etc etc.

What is a Fender Strat?

A Fender Strat, is the short name for Stratocaster and is shape of Fender Electric Guitar that was first designed in 1954.

What is a Fender Stratocaster Hardtail?

A Hardtail Fender Stratocaster is a model that does not feature a Fender Tremolo system, rather has a fixed bridge (‘Hard Tail”).

A fixed bridge/Hard Tail assembly is often regarded to have superior sustain and resonance qualities, but does therefore lack the musical flexibility of a Tremolo system, to alter the pitch of the guitar when played.

It is traditional for a Fender Stratocaster to have a tremolo system, so Hard Tail Fender Stratocaster models are generally few in number relative to the whole range.

What is Fender Stratocaster HSS?

A Fender Stratocaster HSS is a guitar with Humbucker, Single Coil, Single Coil pick up configuration.

Traditionally, Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitars would be fitted with 3 x Single Coil pick ups – sometimes referred to as “SSS” configuration. The benefits of having a Humbucker in the bridge position is a higher output pick up, making the guitar more versatile for harder rock music genre’s.

Where are Fulltone Pedals Made?

Fulltone FX Pedals are designed and made in Southern California USA.

Where are Strymon FX Pedals Made?

Strymon Pedals are a brand of boutique fx pedals that are made in the USA.

Are Earthquaker Pedals Good?

The short answer is – yes!

Earthquaker FX pedals are all handmade in the USA and have built a reputation for making great Fuzz and overdrive type pedals, although the range has expanded into many other different types.

What are Squier Guitars?

Squier Guitars are a brand owned by Fender. They are lower priced versions of Fender Guitars and (currently) normally made outside of North America such as China and Indonesia. They are built to price points to make them more accessible to budget-minded musicians and represent good value and build quality.

Squier curently make Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars and Acoustic Guitars.

What is Squier By Fender?

Squier by Fender is the brand name, owned by Fender, that is used on lower priced versions of Fender Guitars.

Squier was first founded in 1890 and was a string manufacturer for violins, guitars and banjos. It was purchased by Fender in 1965. By 1975, the Squier brand was made defunct as Fender decided to make strings under their own brand name instead. The Squier brand lay dormant until 1982 when Fender re-instated the brand to be used on lower value and accessible versions of Fender guitars.

Where are Squier Vintage Modified made?

The Squier Vintage Modified range of guitars and basses are made in Indonesia.
Follow these links to see more Squier Vintage Modified Electric Guitars and Squier Vintage Modified Bass Guitars.

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