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Where are Sheeran By Lowden Guitars Made?

The new range of Sheeran By Lowden Acoustic Guitars are made in Ireland.

Is the Fender Standard Stratocaster Discontinued?

Yes. The Fender Standard Stratocaster is now discontinued. The Standard Series was replaced early in 2018 by the Fender Player Stratocaster.

The Standard Series discontinuation, also affects Telecaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass shape guitars and basses also.

Did you know that Rich Tone Music bought the entire remaining UK stock of the Fender Standard Stratocaster in Arctic White? It is such an important legacy model that is well respected in the music industry that we wanted to keep this model available to our customers for as long as possible.

Check out Fender Player Series Electric Guitars, and the Fender Player Series Bass Guitars for the very latest models in the range.

What is a Fender Stratocaster HSS?

An HSS Fender Stratocaster refers to the pick up combination fitted to the guitar. In this case HSS means Humbucker, Single Coil, Single Coil. The humbucker being in the bridge position, the two single coils being middle and neck pick ups respectively. In basic terms, Fender HSS Stratocaster Electric Guitars are often considered to be versatile instruments as the bridge pick up provides more power for Rock Music styles, and balanced with single coils for rhythm guitar, blues, jazz. This configuration allows them to be considered somewhat of an allrounder.

Where can I find Second Hand Faith guitars for sale?

We sell a large range of new and second hand Faith Guitars. Part exchange is always welcome when buying used and new Faith Guitars too.

What is a Gibson Memphis Guitar?

Gibson Guitars have two Electric Guitar factories. One in Memphis and one in Nashville USA.

The Gibson Memphis facility is generally responsible for producing most of the hollow body and semi-hollowbody styles, such as the ES-335.

You may also see “Gibson Montana” quoted in reference to the location of it’s Acoustic Guitar factory.

Where are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Made?

The short answer is China. In 2002 Gibson opened a factory in Qingdao, China for the production of its guitars. With only a few exceptions to the rule, Epiphone Acoustic Guitars are made here.

Where are Faith Acoustic Guitars Made?

Faith Acoustic Guitars are made in Indonesia in the Faith Workshop.

Which Fender Stratocaster have Ebony Fretboard?

Fender Stratocaster guitars are supplied with a range of fretboard/fingerboard wood options.

This link will show you which Fender Stratocaster have Ebony Fretboards fitted.

What is a Fender Telecaster Guitar?

A Fender Telecaster Guitar is known as the first solid-body electric guitar that was commercially successful, designed and made for mass production by Leo Fender. The design originated in 1950 but finally went to market as the “Telecaster” in the Autumn of 1951. It is often referred to as musicians as “Tele” for short.

What is a Fender Telecaster MIM?

A Fender Telecaster MIM refers to one Made in Mexico, in the Ensenada Fender factory.

There are currently several series of Telecaster made in the Mexican Fender factory. Currently this series list is:

Mexican made Fender Telecasters range in price from c£500 through to c£1000 depending on specifications, features finish. Being relatively more affordable versus Fender American Telecasters, they are often a good entry point to the Fender range. The Fender Standard Series Telecaster being especially popular.

Which Fender Stratocaster come with case?

Not all Fender Stratocasters come with Hard Cases are Bags as standard. These Fender Stratocaster Guitars come with hard case included in the sale price. These Stratocaster Guitars come with Gig Bag.

Specifications correct at time of writing and are subject to change from Fender.

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