Two New Space-Saving Pedals From MXR!

Posted on 3rd May 2019 by

MXR, giants of guitar effects, have sprung a surpise this week with the launch of two new pedals. Economy of space is the name of the game. Check out the Carbon Copy Mini, legendary delay effects in a compact format. And yes the Raijin Drive may be standard pedal-sized, but provides overdrive and distortion in one! Read on for more…

Raijin Drive

Shin Suzuki Collaboration

Shin Suzuki with Raijin Drive

Developed with celebrated amp and pedal designer Shin Suzuki, the Raijin Drive is a gnarly overdrive/distortion pedal. This is MXR Custom Shop’s second collaboration with Suzuki, after releasing the Shin-Juku Drive a couple of years ago. He is a wizard of amplifiers and pedals, working out of his small Tokyo workshop since the early 90s. Having gained a cult following from his close study of Dumble amplifiers and his creation of the Dumbloid pedal, he is a boutique favourite in Japan. Shin’s distributor in Japan hooked him up with MXR and the rest is history!

Two Classic Pedals In One

MXR Raijin Drive

The MXR Raijin Drive recreates the sound of a classic Japanese Overdrive and an iconic Japanese Distortion. MXR don’t state exactly which they emulate, but we are pretty sure we’re talking about the TS-9 and the DS-1. These two pedals are practically must-haves for any guitarist, so to get them both together is a big plus! The overdrive delivers smooth, fat and wide open tone, whilst a flick of the switch sets you onto aggressive, harmonically rich and punchy distortion. The Raijin Drive gives you boutique flavour, iconic sound and modern-day convenience in one smart pedal.

For more about Shin Suzuki and the Raijin Drive, check out the demo below, and click here to read the interview with Shin Suzuki on MXR’s site.

Carbon Copy Mini

As far as delay effects are concerned, the MXR Carbon Copy has earned its place as an industry standard. The trend of miniature pedals has really kicked off in the last couple of years, with benefits to pedal board size and variety. Now you can get the iconic, versatile Carbon Copy in a compact format!

MXR Carbon Copy Mini

The same controls are here, offering mix, regen and delay controls, plus the awesome mod switch which unleashes the less traditional delays that will help you get creative. But that’s not all, MXR take things one step further with the Carbon Copy Mini. They have added a ‘bright’ switch to the side of the unit, meaning you can dial in the tones from the Carbon Copy Bright.


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