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So you dream of getting that perfect Strat or Les Paul, or maybe you already have it. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have both! But sometimes it’s good to get weird, stand out from the crowd and get yourself something totally unique. Maybe there’s that one song in the set that needs a bit of comic relief, or you want something to wind up your band mates. These are unique guitars that you’re unlikely to see again! Check out our Top 6 Weird Guitars, all available now in our Second Hand section…

Teisco Starway – £399

Teisco Starway

Teisco Starway MJ2 – Sunburst

Kicking us off is this edgy double-cut vintage Japanese electric. Made in the 1960s, this guitar is from the coveted vintage era of Japanese guitar manufacture. Groovy features include the unusual headstock and small body shape, as well as the old school knobs and switches. The plastic rocker switches labelled “Mic 1” and “Mic 2” come from an age before guitar pickups were called pickups. Almost a museum piece, this would make a super cool addition for any collector.

Switch Signature Vibracell – £199

Switch Signature Vibracell

Switch Signature Vibracell – Starburst

Something quite special here… Switch was a short-lived brand of guitars from the mid-2000s. They were nothing if not innovative, with Trevor Wilkinson involved early-on in their design. What makes these unique is the one-piece body and neck made by injection moulding a synthetic material called Vibracell. This instrument’s “Starburst” finish guarantees you make a splash on stage. And try it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by both its sound and playability.

Oriolo Felix The Cat – £199

Oriolo Felix The Cat

Oriolo Felix The Cat 3/4 Size

A relatively new brand, Oriolo Guitars started in 2010 under the guidance of Don Oriolo. He is the son of the creator of Felix The Cat, Joe Oriolo, and has been steering the cartoon franchise since 1985. The link between Felix and music is interesting, with Don having worked in music publishing and actually helped discover acts like Meatloaf and Bon Jovi! This special edition guitar is testament to that history, and gives a great story to help explain to people why it’s on your wall. And how cool is that tail as a vibrato?

Encore Camouflage Machine Gun – £149

Encore Machine Gun

Encore Camouflage Machine Gun

So the electric guitar is commonly referred to as an “axe”, but this instrument takes it up a notch. Made by Encore as a special edition, this guitar is pure and simple badass. Shaped like an AK-47, with a camouflage design. Who doesn’t want a guitar shaped like a gun?

Dean Custom Zone – £119

Dean Custom Zone Pink

Dean Custom Zone – Fluorescent Pink

You’re gonna need your shades for this one. It’s an understatement to call the Dean Custom Zone eye-catching, and the colour-matched fretboard reinforces the visual barrage! This is gloss painted, and is in fact made from maple as you can see from the back of the neck. It has a mahogany body, and for a budget-priced instrument some decent hardware too. The tone from the pickups is clear and punchy, with enough thickness to make metal and rock rhythm or lead sound pretty sweet. It plays nicely and at this price what’s not to love? Put a couple of upgraded humbuckers in there and you’ve got a neon monster that will definitely make people jealous.

Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas – Blood Splatter – £1399

Charvel Blood Splatter

Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas

The final and most serious guitar on our list, this is a Charvel Custom Shop in let’s call a somewhat striking design. We’re pretty sure this wasn’t used as a murder weapon, but if so the culprit has avoided any forensic investigation by using a polyurethane lacquer to cover the evidence. Beyond the graphics, this guitar is an absolute beast! Handmade by Charvel Custom Shop, the build quality is immaculate. An alder body with a maple neck and fingerboard, this is a well-looked after example and is in excellent condition. The pickups are a pair of EVH Wolfgang Zebras, giving you serious grunt and growl.

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