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Above all else, multi-effects give you more options. Experimentation to find that ideal sound is best done when it’s all there in front of you. If your pedalboard is spiralling out of control, you’re fed up with messing around with patch cables, or you just want something that will give you a bunch of effects in one, you’ll be considering multi-effects pedals. Rich Tone look at some of the best pedal options available at a variety of price points!

Line 6 Helix Tour-Grade Guitar Processor

Line 6 Helix Tour Grade Processor

This processor has become the go-to for those wanting top level effects in an all-in-one setup. This Tour-Grade processor is the flagship model, and uses Line 6’s Dual DSP HX engine. This features models for 62 amps, 37 cabs, 16 microphones and 104 effects. If you’re into your technology and want the next generation of guitar effects, this is for you. Guitarists also love the customisable scribble strips, meaning you can quickly find your favourite settings on stage. What’s more, there’s 1024 preset locations, giving you the ultimate toolbox for any situation.

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal

Boss GT-1000 Multi Effects

Boss are perhaps best known for their massive array of stompboxes that are ubiquitous on pedalboards around the world. They’ve weighed in on the multi-effects market recently, and the GT-1000 is the most advanced guitar processor Boss have made. Brand new for 2018, this unit is the first multi-effector with 32-bit and 96kHz throughout. That’s up there with the best in audio interfaces! This processor will give you unmatched sound quality and musical expression. There’s a tonne of routing options and a huge range of cutting-edge effects to keep you entertained. Cutting edge technology from the undisputed boss of guitar effects!

T Rex Soulmate

T Rex Soulmate

A more affordable option as we move down the list, the T Rex Soulmate is one dependable pedal. This is a more straightforward affair, combining 4 pedals, a tuner and integrated switching system in one. There’s overdrive, distortion, delay and reverb here. This will give you all your bread and butter sounds, as well as the opportunity to explore more complicated setups. If you’re into modulation effects like phasers and chorus, it isn’t quite time to chuck the pedalboard on ebay, but you can let the Soulmate do most of the work! This is also an entirely analogue processor, so there’s no loss of quality with any digital shenanigans. A solid and straightforward unit that combines the most useful pedals in one.

Digitech RP360 Multi FX Pedal

Digitech RP360

If you’re new to multi effects pedals or simply want to experiment with effects, this is a great option. The RP360 has 162 different effects (54 amps, 26 cabinets, 82 effects) inspired by world’s best-selling pedals and iconic amps. Digitech have packed a lot into this well-priced box, with a 40-second looper, nearly 200 presets, and configurable footswitches. Furthermore, there’s even 60 built in drum tracks for practising at home. A great feature they’ve added here is called Sound Check. This lets your record a short phrase and set it to repeat, keeping your hands free to you fiddle with the settings. The RP360 is a great introduction for anyone looking into multi effects.

Vox StompLab IIG Modelling Guitar Effects Processor

Vox Stomp Lab 2G

Those more conscious of time and wanting something easy will want to look at the Vox Stomplab. This is a great pedal for novices thanks to its easy-to-use controls. Sometimes the sheer scope of multi-effects will put off beginners, but Stomplab puts the worries to rest. There’s 100 pre-set programs categorised into styles such as rock, blues and metal. And you can use up to 8 effect models simultaneously. Vox’s VT+ technology is used here, made popular by the awesome Valvetronix range of amplifiers. At this price range there’s not much out there that will give you as much quality and diversity. And thanks to its intuitive design the Stomplab is a perfect choice for beginners!


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