TOP 5: Best Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars

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One of the most popular acoustic guitar shapes, the “Dreadnought” is a simple design that has become a staple for players over the last 100 years. The dreadnought shape is ideal for singer-songwriters thanks to a flat fretboard and rich, loud sound. Rich Tone look at some of the best options available today.

Martin DCX1AE Macassar Acoustic Guitar

The brand that started it all way back in 1916. Martin created their D-1 guitar, named after a British battleship of all things, the HMS Dreadnought, with a larger body than other acoustics. The DCX1AE is a simple instrument and features a solid Sitka Spruce top, creating a pronounced tone. With its minimalist design, this guitar doesn’t need to say a lot. Producing a bright and crisp tone along with sustainable wood choices. There’s also a Fishman Sonitone pickup so it’s ready for the stage! A classic shape from what’s often considered THE name in acoustic guitars.

Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME Electro Acoustic

Part of Epiphone’s historic Masterbilt series, the J-45 round-shouldered dreadnought is as distinctive as it is versatile. Favoured by countless musicians (Dylan, Gilmour and Lennon among the ranks), the J-45 has been a driving force behind decades of classic tracks. “The Workhorse” is noted for its sunburst finish, warm bass and strong projection. Built as a limited edition, the Masterbilt AJ-45ME taps into the esteemed heritage but adds modern control and construction methods to create a top-quality guitar.  A solid Sitka Spruce top coupled with solid Mahogany back and sides ensures a powerful tone. There’s a Shadow NanoFlex pickup meaning you’re good to go on stage as well. A real vintage-inspired instrument that holds its own well into the 21st century.

Taylor 110E Electro Acoustic Guitar

Taylor are a manufacturer held in extremely high regard. With their pioneering construction methods and commitment to sustainability they are a company looking to the future. Check out their “Ebony Project” [] to see what we’re talking about! The 110E is a great all-rounder and value for money, suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike. The dreadnought body has a dynamic tone that’s ideal for strummers and flat-pickers, with a deep low-end and hard attack. A solid Sitka Spruce top is paired with Walnut back and sides to create a balanced and versatile tone. This is great guitar that will stand you in good stead for many years.

Yamaha LL-TA TransAcoustic Guitar

Perhaps best known for their student guitars, Yamaha also build some real top-quality instruments as well. Professional players such as Joe Bonamassa, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Andy McKee all favour Yamaha acoustics. This is a large-bodied acoustic with a radical new concept – TransAcoustic technology! Requiring no external amplification, you can add chorus and reverb to your guitar tone. There’s nothing more inspiring than playing in a great-sounding room and now you can, wherever you are. There’s also a piezo pickup for when you need to play on a large stage. An interesting and useful innovation from Yamaha!

Fender Redondo Classic Acoustic

Unique and unconventional, Fender launch a new batch of acoustic guitars for 2018, named the California series. The Redondo is the dreadnought of the series, and features cool styling as well as great build-quality. The exclusive slope shouldered Redondo body shape has a rich, commanding voice that fills any room. The trademark Fender headstock is a great addition and will help this guitar stand out amongst the rest. A cool and distinctive guitar that oozes with classic Fender vibe!



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