Top 5: Christmas Drum Essentials

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If you’re buying for a drummer this Christmas, we have some super offers on those essentials that can sometimes be forgotten about! Mapex are a trusted brand for drum hardware and accessories. Renowned for durability and great value, their equipment is just what most drummers need. Affordable, good quality, and will happily take a fair bit of abuse!

1. Mapex T570A Drum Throne – Thick Round Seat – Slotted Base

Order the T570A Drum Throne Now!

Mapex T570A Rounded Throne

Often overlooked, the throne is possibly the most important part of a drummer’s kit! It’s where you sit for the whole performance, and not to mention the hours of practice besides. This is why it’s essential to have a sturdy and comfortable throne.

The Mapex T570A features a thick, rounded seat. This will be a great upgrade from any stool included with a kit, and will make drumming far more comfortable and fun! The base of this throne features a wide double-braced tripod design, giving secure and solid support. It’s height adjustable, and folds up for when you need to hit the road.

The Mapex T570A makes a great gift for a drummer this Christmas. It will last for years and at this price you’re getting excellent value for money!

Order the T570A Drum Throne Now!

2. Mapex T775 Drum Throne Saddle Seat & Backrest – Four Leg Base

Order the T775 Drum Throne Now!


For the pinnacle of support and comfort, Mapex produce the T775 Drum Throne. If you’re often left clutching your back after a long drumming session, this could be the choice for you! The lumbar support backrest helps your posture and supports the delicate lower back whilst you’re playing.

The seat itself is shaped towards biomechanical efficiency, meaning you can move around the kit with ease. Additionally, the four-legged double-braced leg design makes a huge boost to stability.

The Mapex T775 is a premium drum throne that will last for years, offering the optimum in comfort and back support whilst drumming!

Order the T775 Drum Throne Now!

3. Mapex B200 Tornado Series Boom Stand

Order the B200 Cymbal Stand Now!

Mapex B200 Boom stand

Looking to expand your kit with a cheap and reliable extra cymbal stand? Mapex are one of the first names to look at! The B200 is a strong, durable and affordable piece of gear. This will give you space for that extra crash on your kit, and will gladly take some punishment on the road. At this price, it even makes a great spare or backup stand!

Order the B200 Cymbal Stand Now!

4. Mapex H200 Tornado Series Hi-Hat Stand

Order the H200 Hi-Hat Stand Now!

Mapex H200 Hi hat stand

Hi-Hat stands need to be sturdy, strong and responsive. Mapex’s H200 fits the bill perfectly, also adding great value to the mix! The double braced legs give you a strong base, and the direct-to-drive chain pull gives you a crisp and accurate pedal response. Tough and lightweight, this could quickly become an integral part of your gigging setup!

Order the H200 Hi-Hat Stand Now!

5. Laney Audio Hub AH40 – Drum Monitor and Multi-Purpose Amp

Order the Laney AH40 Now!

The Laney Audio Hub AH40 is a multi-purpose amplifier that is ideal for electronic drum kits. When practising at home or with a small ensemble, you can monitor your performance in clarity. You can put 3 channels through this amp at once, including a microphone. This makes a great choice if you’ve got guitars, bass, keyboards or synths to plug in at practice as well.


The 5-band graphic EQ lets you tailor the sound to match your requirements. Blend the bass and treble so you hear just what you need to! The Laney AH40 even includes a CD input so you can play along with backing tracks, and a line out for when you play with a full PA.

Great for electronic drums, but you’ll find use for it for a whole host of other instruments too. This is a powerful, dependable combination amplifier that will make a vital addition to your practice room!

Order the Laney AH40 Now!


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