TOP 5: Best New FX Pedals – 2018

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NAMM 2018 has been and gone and some incredible new products have been revealed.  At Rich Tone we’re always looking for the best new gear which can take your musicianship to the next level. In case you missed them in the noise of NAMM, here’s our TOP 5 FX pedals picks of 2018.

Ibanez NTS NU Tube Screamer Overdrive


The Ibanez/Maxon Tube Screamer has been a favorite in the guitar world since the late 1970’s. Tube Screamers are mainly used to drive a tube amp and to tighten up mid-range but they also sound great as a stand alone overdrive. Many guitar greats won’t leave the house without a Tube Screamer, they include Kirk Hammet, Alex Turner, Gary Moore, Carlos Santana and John Petrucci among others.

2018 Marks the release of the Tube screamer NTS NuTube overdrive. Ths NTS features Korg’s NuTube technology which uses a vacuum tube as one of the pedals gain stages. Like the classic Tube Screamers, the NTS features drive, level and tone controls as well as a clean/overdrive mix knob.

Earthquaker Westwood Translucent Overdrive

Earthquaker Westwood Translucent Overdrive

Earthquaker Devices have become a favorite of ours at Rich Tone Music. They create some weird and wonderful contraptions as well as their unique take on the classics.

The Westwood Translucent Overdrive does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a Translucent Overdrive Manipulator that can take you from tights cleans to soaring leads. The Westwood features an all-analog signal path, true bypass switch and top mounted jacks.

Way Huge WHE214 Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz

Way Huge Pork & Pickle

Now one for the Bass players! Jim Dunlop have been a leader in the pedal game since the mid 1960’s and now they have teamed up with Way Huge to create some awesome pedals.

The Way Huge Pork & Pickle combines two great bass-friendly effects pedals in a single housing. The Pork Loin OD circuit provides a warm, soft-clipping overdrive while the Russian-Pickle provides a thick, fatty fuzz. The Pork & Pickle lets the user blend between these two great sounds to create the perfect distortion.

 Fender Mirror Image Delay

Fender Mirror Image Delay

Fender are probably the most recognisable guitar brand on the planet. The stratocaster has become the iconic shape of Rock and Roll.

The technicians at Fender have been back in the workshop to create a fresh new batch of pedals for 2018. The Mirror Image Delay brings this atmospheric effect to your rig, giving you the ability to create depth with a simple slapback or develop an epic soundscape with modulated repeats. Digital, Analog, and Tape modes—each with two voicing variations—make this expressive and inspiring pedal indispensable. It even has the option to add a dotted-eighth note for those Irish-inspired washes of sound. The delay tails continue when the pedal is bypassed, ensuring a natural sound.

MXR M293 Classic Fuzz Mini

MXR M293 Classic 108 Fuzz Mini

MXR and Jim Dunlop have always been industry leaders in the pedal game. The Jim Dunlop Fuzz Face and MXR Phase 90 are two staples of any guitarists collection.

With the 108 Classic Fuzz Mini, MXR have taken the guts of their BC-108 loaded Fuzz Face and placed them in a more pedal-board friendly enclosure. MXR have also modernised the pedal, Adding an AC input, true bypass, LED and an optional buffer switch.


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