Tonal Metamorphosis: Victory V4 Series Preamps

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In a pedal market that’s saturated by overdrive and distortion it’s hard to know which one to buy. Especially if you’re demanding something unusually excellent. However, the new Victory V4 Series pedal preamps may be the very solution to those burning tonal desires.

Exhibiting two channels, several flexible tone controls and a set of excellent valves, the V4 Series shouldn’t need to beg for space in your rig.

Unique Valve Pedal-Format

These V4 Series pedal preamps are the first to feature four vales and an all-valve signal path. They’re built using one EC900 and three CV4014s.  So, this means they’re solid and reliable. In fact, the CV4014s have seen heaps of action over the years. Originally designed for military communication purposes by UK manufacturer Mullard, Victory are confident the valves will deliver a fantastic and consistent preamp sound. Additionally, Victory expect their valves to live on and on. Or, for around 10,000 working hours.

Incredibly Sturdy Build

If you’ve got a pedal full of hot glass then you need something pretty hard to keep it all secure. As a result, each pedal in the series comes built in a folded steel chassis. Thar makes ’em pretty darn secure. Furthermore, it has a kick bar situated in front of the control knobs to help you avoid any accidents. As a result, there should be no problem taking your chosen V4 from your studio, to a world tour.

Flexible EQ Controls

Each one of the Victory V4 Series pedal preamps come with a set of powerful bass, middle and treble controls. These can all have a vast effect on the character of the gain and levels of drive. Just as you’d expect from a typical valve amp. Furthermore, they include a bright switch so you can tinker with the with the top end frequencies. So, imagine the amp you’re using is muddy, dark and outright miserable. The V4‘s will help you clean up that mess.

In Depth With The Victory V4 Series Pedal Preamps


The Sheriff

This beast is a classic, all rocking preamps that’s ready to insert some new life into your tone. The first channel can teeters on the edge of a breakup or head right through to heavily driven classic rock tones. However, the second channel delivers a full-on modded ‘plexi’ high gain sound with more agression in its midrange.

The Kraken

The Kraken is heavy and progressive. Gain 1 offers a loose, vintage British-style tone, inspired by the era of the MOD, floppy hair and crunchy amps. However, gain 2 offers a tighter bass sound with a cutting midrange delivery. And, of course, heaps more gain.

The Countess

This one is an all-rounder of an all-valve pedal. Channel one delivers a clean to mild breakup, which is perfect for pushing your existing tone. Or perhaps you need to clean up a crunchy amp. No problem. The Countess delivers. And, on its second channel, you move into an outright glorious overdrive.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the Victory V4 Series deliver an excellent product. They’re versatile. They’re powerful. And, they can help to make a dodgy amp sound fantastic. Check ’em out on our webstore.


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