The Fender Rumble: A Modern Players’ Bass Amp

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If you want to invest in a new bass amp this Christmas or know someone who does, the Fender Rumble will set you on the right path. It’s stylish, lightweight and portable. And, is proven to be a top choice amongst both professionals and amateurs.

The reasons for its popularity are very simple. As a bassist, you want a tone that’s both above averages and delivers versatility. The modern player is likely to fly through the genres so they require an amp that is designed for all musical eventualities. The people at Fender know this, too. And so, the Rumble was born.

Fender Rumble x3 no shad

The Fender Rumble’s Main Features

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  • The Rumble features an overdrive switch. So, this means you can switch from a clean tone to a gritty, aggressive and fulfilling overdrive tone, at the flick of a button.
  • It comes with a built-in XLR output. This delivers extremely easy compatibility with other stage and studio equipment, making it ideal in all situations.
  • The built-in three-button tone voicing gives you maximum versatility. It lets you go from a modern clear tone to an old-school tube-emulating ‘vintage’ tone in an instant.
  • The Fender Rumble includes a headphone socket. This means you can practice those bass licks all night long and not bother the neighbours below.

We’ve got a bunch of Rumbles available to you, including the following models. If you’re after a great sound with the benefit of compactness, too, then the Rumble 100 is probably the one you need. However, if you want to deliver a larger sound to your audience then we have the Rumble 500. Both amps sound equally excellent. So, choosing your desired volume and portability options are up to you.

As ever, we offer several delivery options. These include next working day, Saturday or free working day. The choice is yours, so get in touch now or use our online website to make sure you get the best deal possible on these excellent bass amplifiers.

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