The Awaited Arrival of Marshall’s DSL Series Amplifiers

Posted on 26th January 2018 by

Marshall enter the fray at NAMM with their new version of DSL series. Make no mistake, these are all-valve amplifiers and we’re very glad to see them back! Read on for more of the latest information from NAMM18.

The Dual Super Lead is back…

The DSL has long been a favourite for musicians. It’s a reliable and straightforward amplifier which sounds great and of course is part of the iconic Marshall brand. The amplifiers feature dual gain stages, hence the name Dual Super Lead (shortened to DSL). And the R at the end of all the model names indicates reverb! It makes a great first valve amp, although we’re sure you’ll be using yours for years to come thanks to its timeless Marshall tone.

Pick Your Environment

Delivered in a range of configurations and power ratings, the new DSL series is packed with updated features. An improved EQ response means you can get a tighter control on the more pesky harmonics and hone in on your ideal sound. Softube speaker emulation makes this a great choice for home recording and gigs. And now with switchable power settings, you can ensure you’re always getting the best out of your valves whatever the situation.

1 Watt of Marshall Tone

Guitarists playing at home are going to love the smaller versions, and your family will thank you for it! There’s two dinky 1 watt amps in the range here, a head and a combo with an 8” speaker. Everything you need is here even with a stripped-back set of controls. Usually the line with guitar amps is that bigger is better – maybe back in the 70s anyway! Things have moved on and it’s all about efficiency these days. The ability to reduce the output from 1 to 0.1 watt is a radical notion, but when playing through headphones or into an interface from the direct speaker out you’ll notice the benefits. Small, affordable and ideal for use at home. This is how to achieve great Marshall tone in a small package!

100 Watt Marshall Monster

Saying that, when Marshall go big it’s a party you’ll want an invite to. The range leading DSL100HR is a 100W head that more than lives up to the Dual Super Lead name. With 2 split channels named “Classic Gain” and “Ultra Gain” what more can you ask of Marshall? Crushing distortion and massive tone, this amp will rock arenas. This model also features a scalable power setting, able to reduce the power from 100W to 50W; you can still use it in your bedroom! This versatile beast will be your go-to amplifier for a long time.



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