Teenage Engineering introduce the Metal Series

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Proving it’s not all about guitars and amplifiers at NAMM, synth startup Teenage Engineering launch their Metal Series. Looking like a trio of hacked pocket calculators, there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Comprising two brand new devices and a package including the PO-32 Tonic, read on for more information…

Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O!

A micro sampler with a 40 second memory and built-in microphone. Once you enter the world of sampling, your creative possibilities multiply infinitely. And using either the line in or simply with the microphone, the PO-33 is a versatile hand-held that will keep you entertained for hours.

Grab a sample, recorded to one of 8 melodic banks for pitched playback, or one of 8 rhythm banks for drum playback. Once you’ve got it recorded, let rip with chopping and sequencing to create a loop. You can then add from the built-in drum parts, and let your bit-crushed imagination run wild.

There are a host of features to help your creations. Teenage Engineering give you 16 chainable patterns for creating more complicated arrangements, 16 punch-in effects, BPM with adjustable swing, and parameter lock. You can play back your sequence or mash it up with the in-built sequencer.

Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak

This is a vocal synthesizer and sequencer with a built-in microphone. You can record via the line in or via the microphone, and then take your vocal and change its character. Up to 120 seconds of audio can be recorded, and you can sequence it, play with it and then add effects and drums.

There are 15 sample slots to record onto and 1 slot reserved for an instance of the tonic drum machine. With 16 chainable patterns you can create more complicated arrangements, and additionally adjust the BPM or add swing. There are 8 different voice characters ranging from bit crushed through to full robot, as well as 8 punch-in effects.

Teenage Engineering PO-30 Metal Series Super Set – Limited Edition

Get the whole metal collection in one handy pack with the PO-30 super set. Fully metal but by no means heavy, this is a powerful trio that will certainly keep you busy. In this set you get:

  • PO-32 Tonic – Drum sequencer
  • PO-33 K.O! – Sampler
  • PO-35 Speak – Vocal Synthesizer
  • CA-X pro cases X3
  • mini cables X3

As is the standard with the Pocket Operator ranges, you can sync them together with the mini jack input. With this pack you get three 3.5mm cables so you can chain your synths and play them synced up. Also included are three of the cases, to give your Pocket Operators some protection if you don’t like their fragile bare-bones appearance.

Another batch of great products from Teenage Engineering. It’s easy to see why these affordable gadgets are so popular. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to create some captivating contemporary music. Add one to your collection and have a play around!



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