Taylor American Dream Series

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Taylor’s brand new American Dream Series is the latest chapter in their innovative story. Named after the guitar shop where Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974, this new line showcases the resourcefulness than has put Taylor at the forefront of guitar design. With the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, Taylor found ways in which they can provide professional instruments to as many as possible, and this is the result!

The Taylor American Dream Series introduces their lowest-priced, solid-wood, US-made guitars. Premium performance comes from V-Class bracing and their signature playability, with selected appointments to fit these guitars’ function. Designed for the times, these guitars have everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

The Guitars

Taylor American Dream Range

So far, the models announced for the American Dream series feature the Grand Pacific body style. This was designed to make best use of V-Class bracing, giving a warm, seasoned sound and clear low-end power.

AD17e & AD17

Taylor AD17e

This is the first Grand Pacific to feature African ovangkol back & sides. This wood combines the depth and sparkle of rosewood along with a rich mid-range. The sitka spruce top is a traditional choice, producing a broad dynamic range. Available as either completely acoustic or as an electro-acoustic, using the responsive Expression System 2 electronics.

Shop Now: Taylor AD17e | Taylor AD17

AD17e Blacktop & AD17 Blacktop

Taylor AD17e Blacktop

The matte black top on the Blacktop edition makes a striking visual statement that’s both bold and down to earth. Using ovangkol back & sides and a sitka spruce top, this is versatile guitar with dynamic response and strong projection. Available either acoustic or with the Expression System 2 electronics.

Shop Now: Taylor AD17e Blacktop | Taylor AD17 Blacktop

AD27e & AD27

Taylor AD27e

This is the mahogany-top edition, a rootsy and characterful acoustic. Sapele makes up the back & sides, giving a focused voice along with a strong mid-range. Once again, the AD27 is available in both acoustic and electro-acoustic versions.

Shop Now: Taylor AD27e | Taylor AD27

Series Features

Solid Wood: A guitar made with a top, back and sides of solid wood will produce the most tonal complexity and become increasingly richer, more resonant, and more responsive as it ages.

V-Class Bracing: Revolutionary structural design operates like a finely engineered sonic engine. Notes are stronger, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other, producing a more musical sound.

American Made: Taylor’s state-of-the-art factory headquarters in California offers the highest levels of manufacturing sophistication and craftsmanship expertise.

Unique Details

Chamfered Edges: Smoothed edges around the body of the guitars translate into a more comfortable feel for your picking arm.

Taylor American Dream Chamfered edges

Thin Matte Finish: At .002 inches, our thin finish optimizes the acoustic resonance. Visually, it fits the guitar’s elemental aesthetic.

Taylor American Dream Dot thin finish

Simple Appointments: Dot inlays and other distilled detailing reflect our desire to offer players both a great music tool and a great value.

Taylor American Dream Dot Inlays

Taylor AeroCase: The best of both worlds: all the protection of a hardshell case with material construction that’s a fraction of the weight.

Taylor AeroCase


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