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We now stock Source Audio effects pedals! There are some great pedals in here which will give you a range of effects for both Guitar and Bass. We look at some highlights, and have a look at the whole range at Rich Tone Music here.

Founded in 2005 Source Audio are perhaps best known for their Hot Hand Motion effects. This ground-breaking technology lets you modulate effects using your hand, rather than taking up precious space on the pedalboard. They’ve since branched out and manufacture tonnes of great pedals, more or less all of them compatible with Hot Hand. This is a company that push things forward and we are pleased to have them among our ranks!

Ventris Dual Reverb

Source Audio Ventris Reverb Pedal

This is one hell of a reverb pedal. Any guitarists into surf rock will know the elusive “drip” sound that became so popular back in the 60s. Back then it was made using Fender’s vintage outboard reverb tank – not something that’s easy to get hold of or look after at a gig! Now you can get the authentic tone with Source Audio’s Ventris. It’s by no means a one-trick pony though. With 14 individual reverb engines built onto two independent 56-bit processers, this is a powerful pedal that will let you sculpt a universe of ambience!

Nemesis Delay

Source Audio Nemesis Delay

Mega features and straightforward controls are rarely seen together. Too often there’s a degree of menu diving and fiddling to get back to that great sound you had 10 minutes ago. The Nemesis from Source Audio bucks the trend, managing to incorporate an incredible 24 distinct effect engines into a small unit. Three years of development have gone into this pedal, and the results are plain to see. Everything from vintage tape and analogue through to pitch-shifted, reverse and filter modulation effects are a breeze for this powerful pedal. There’s 128 presets to whet your whistle, and a realm of possibilities to help illustrate your ambient dreams!

Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter

Source Audio Manta Bass Filter

Feel the funk blast! The Manta Bass filter features 12 filter effects and eight variations of distortion. Push your bass sound to the extreme with a host of distortion and envelopes that operate together in a unique circuit. The signal splits into wet and dry internally, where the dry controls the envelope and the wet soaks in fuzz. The panel bristles with controls, allowing you to really go for it and get a tone that sounds like anything but a guitar!

Programmable EQ

Source Audio EQ

The secret star of many a pedal board. This MIDI controllable unit allows you to quickly access four different user-programmed EQ settings. Seven frequency bands with +/- 18 dB range on each and it is possible to optimise the pedal for bass or guitar. Currently featured in the touring setups of Dave Gilmour, The Killers and Jon Mayer, this is one useful pedal.


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