Roland LX700 Digital Piano Series: Buyer’s Guide

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Roland launch the Roland LX700 series, their brand-new range of professional standard digital pianos. These are packed with incredible features that will give you an authentic grand piano sound at home. There are three models to choose from, so Rich Tone Music investigate to help you decide the right one for you.

Roland LX700 Digital Piano Series

A grand piano in a great-sounding venue is magnificent. A pure piano tone, responsive keyboard and charming ambience give an experience like no other. Roland’s new LX700 series recreates this in the comfort of your home with excellent design and cutting-edge technology. Using superb internal speakers and high-quality keybeds, you will be able to enjoy rich sound and a responsive playing feel.

LX700 design

All pianos in the range feature 324 different tones. These span from distinctive European and American grand piano sounds, through to electric piano and organ tones. PureAcoustic Ambience is across the range, giving you a choice of large and small space ambience effects. They also come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, making these appealing options to replace your hi-fi and improve your home.

Roland LX708

The LX708 is the range-topping flagship model of the series. Designed for the most discerning pianists who require a truly professional sound and feel. Its tall cabinet means it stands out from the rest of range. The opening lid adds an authentic charm, and gives a subtle change in tonal character.

The keyboard itself is Roland’s own Hybrid Grand Keyboard. This uses slightly longer keys than found on other digital pianos, which gives a softer and more delicate action. Durability is assured thanks to their modern design, and you will feel a great balance of pressure, momentum and movement whilst playing. The LX708 even reproduces the resonant vibrations that occur in a real grand piano! This is truly an authentic and exciting reproduction of a grand piano playing experience.

Roland LX700 playing

The internal speakers in the Roland LX708 are a four-way eight-speaker system. These are split into 4 pairs and uses the most impressive Acoustic Projection System in the range. Taking all things into account; from the sound of the hammers on the strings to the cabinet resonance, all reproduced with warmth and crystal clarity. And what’s more, connect your music device via Bluetooth and you’ve got yourself a serious contender to replace the hi-fi.

Roland LX706

Roland LX706

The LX706 is the mid-range option in the series. This offers a great balance between features, size and importantly price. Roland have developed the LX706 to be a home-friendly option, with a more compact cabinet. It still looks great, and would make a luxurious addition to your living space without completely taking over the space.

The keyboard is the most important part of a piano! The LX706 again uses the 88-key Hybrid Grand Keyboard from Roland, albeit without the vibration feedback features. This gives you a delightfully subtle playing experience with exceptional response and feel. The inviting feeling of playing this piano is what’s going to keep you coming back day after day.

The LX706 streamlines the speaker setup from the LX708 and features six speakers equipped with the Acoustic Projection System. This still gives a powerful and flexible sound, suitable for any musical scenario. Each of the three pairs of speakers is optimised to provide the best possible sound reproduction across the whole piano’s dynamic range.

Roland LX705

Roland LX705

Aimed at the budget-conscious among us, Roland produce the LX705 to deliver a thrilling acoustic in your home. This is an impressive package coming at a pocket-friendly price compared to the other models in the LX700 range. A sleek and compact design retains the premium flavour of the range, and a choice of four fabulous colours will finely suit the décor in any home.

With the same PureAcoustic Piano Modelling and PureAcoustic Ambience as the rest of LX700 range, the LX705 treats you to the same 324 tones. This gives you all the same great sound of the more expensive models. Four speakers make up the speaker system, split into two pairs. This delivers superior sound for this format. And once again this can be used as a bluetooth speaker system!

Check out the performance and ambience previews below!


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