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Imagine the scene: You’re sitting with your instrument on Venice Beach, California. You’ve just written your latest song. It’s a surefire hit. But, you’ve got nothing to record it with and it’s in danger of getting lost. Hang on, though. Because Roland’s new GO:MIXER PRO has just saved your bacon. And your tune!


Audio Mixer And Virtual Stage Camera

Designed for the modern, content creating musician the GO:MIXER PRO lets you bash out high quality sound and video with incredible simplicity. Yes, modern smartphones capture great videos. But, their built in microphones can’t deliver a polished sound. By combining multi-channel mixing and sound monitoring Roland have bridged that gap.

Powerful Mixing On The Go


The GO:MIXER PRO allows you to connect and mix up to nine audio sources at one time. These include pro-level microphones, guitar and basses. And, line-level equipment such as keyboards or drum machines. Its dedicated controls allows you to easily regulate the volume of your tune before shipping direct to your smartphone. And, because it’s got a headphone output, you can monitor your mix from the smartphone as you perform. So, in the event that you find yourself a sitting under a tree with a thousand unwritten songs, this is the perfect device to capture the moment.

Live Performances Made Simple


You’re with the band in the studio. Or, perhaps you’re heading to the beach for a sunset performance. No doubt you want to seize this moment. What you need is a mobile audio mixer. Now, you can capture and mix the whole event with the GO:MIXER PRO. Additionally, you can even create karaoke-style backing tracks to sing along with. Use its Loopback function and you can sing over and over again. Don’t worry about losing your phone power either. You can run it off four AAA batteries. So, you can keep going as long as you like.

Virtual Stage Camera App


The new Virtual Stage Camera app is a the perfect companion for the GO:MIXER PRO. It gives you the opportunity to create quirky and fun videos that are simple to make.  Yet, it offers the impression of using expensive, sophisticated video equipment. So, you want to perform in a desert? No problem. Take your band to the big stage without leaving your rehearsal room? Say no more.  The free app removes the background from your performance and replaces it with any still or moving footage. It’s content creation as wild as your imagination.

Split Screen Madness

The GO:MIXER PRO also works with Roland’s 4XCAMERA. The free app makes it simple to generate split-screen performance videos. It facilitates your ability to create unique and exciting content. And, your projects can be shared online with other 4XCAMERA users. This allows for collaborations with other musicians anywhere on the globe.



Overall, the GO:MIXER PRO is a fantastic piece of equipment. Because it understands the needs of the modern musician it helps to deliver high quality content. It guides you and encourages more views and engagement on your social media accounts. Order one now. Make yourself seen and heard.


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