Production Powerhouse: Novation SL MKIII 49 and 61

Posted on 10th October 2018 by

The new Novation SL MKIII is set to become the command centre of your studio and electronic live performances! This is a DAW-friendly controller that can also operate as a standalone unit to interface via MIDI or CV/Gate. The possibilities are enormous, giving instantaneous control over all your hardware. Read on for more information…

Novation SL MKIII Key Features

  • Bring MIDI hardware and CV/Gate synths together
  • Easily integrate hardware with your DAW
  • The perfect controller for Ableton Live music-making software
  • Internal 8 track pattern based sequencer
  • 1 routable clock for the whole system


Hardware Integration

Both your MIDI and CV/Gate synths can all be plugged into the SL MKIII. There is the potential to control up to 32 synthesizers via the MIDI channels, all of which can be separately selected and edited. The eight-track polyphonic pattern-based sequencer further enhances functionality, giving you an entire performance platform. There is a routable clock which can dictate MIDI and analogue equipment to keep everything in time.

Software Specialist

Unlock even more potential when linking up to your recording software! The Novation SL MKIII links up seamlessly with your DAW. This gives you huge control over your parameters, and can become your go-to production base. And what better way to get your hardware and software combined? Novation have designed the SL MKIII with Ableton to create the ideal controller for their Live production software. And full colour LCD screens give you full parameter feedback.

Internal Eight-Track Sequencer

With options to either real time record or step input, you can build complicated arrangements across the 8 tracks. These sequences are of course all controlled directly from the single keyboard interface. You can also record automation into the sequencer, bringing ebb and flow to your synthesized sounds.

Production Powerhouse: Novation SL MKIII 49 and 61

Packed with features and giving you the option to easily integrate both hardware and software, we think the SL MKIII is a must for any Ableton Live users! The SL MKIII is available in 49 and 61 key versions, and both come with a copy of Ableton Live Lite, 4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples and the Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio.

Check out the video content below for a deeper look at the SL MKIII’s potential!




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