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Two Schecter models at NAMM this year caught our eye for obvious reasons. Introducing the Schecter PT Pro! Schecter have produced the PT body shape for many years, but this is an all-new model with a tonne of new features. Read on for our look at this stunning electric guitar.

Shop Now Schecter PT Pro: Trans Purple Burst | Trans Blue Burst

PT Body Shape

The “PT” name derives from the initials of none other than Pete Townshend. Not so much a signature, but a tribute to the pioneering guitarist from The Who and his use of Schecter guitars. Pete played his Schecter guitars onstage with The Who from 1979 to 1988. It was his personal choice to create a T-style guitar fitted with a pair of humbuckers. The PT Pro absolutely continues in the same vein.

Quilt Top

Schecter PT Pro Tops

The first thing to take note of with the PT Pro is its stunning looks. Available in either Transparent Blue Burst or Transparent Purple Burst over a gorgeous quilt maple top. From the back, the alder body shows through for a more subtle look. The body is beautifully double-bound, which certainly lends a premium feel to proceedings. Check these out on the Guitar Gallery to see what we mean!

Schecter PT Pro: Trans Purple Burst | Trans Blue Burst

Roasted Maple Neck

Schecter PT Pro Headstock

Anyone who’s played a Schecter will attest to the lovely feel of their necks. Chunky and solid yet also smooth and silky; they have a familiarity to them that just feels right when you pick up and play. The PT Pro uses a roasted maple neck, which only exaggerates the positives. Roasting (widely known as torrefaction) removes moisture and other radicals from the words, creating a piece of wood that is more resistant to humidity changes. The PT Pro’s slim-C profile neck is a joy to get around, further enhanced with a satin finish on the back and rolled fretboard edges. There’s even Luminlay side dots, a nice feature that helps visibility on dark stages.

Schecter PT Pro Luminlay


Schecter PT Pro frets

The PT Pro is equipped with either a roasted maple or ebony fingerboard, dependent on which colour you pick. Both options are shaped to a 14” radius, which is effectively almost flat. String bends are effortless, and the surface feels great to move around on. The 22 xtra-jumbo frets are themselves very well done, showing the high-quality manufacture that Schecter are known for.

Shop Now Schecter PT Pro: Trans Purple Burst | Trans Blue Burst

Hardware & Electronics

Schecter PT Pro Machineheads

Schecter began as a maker of spare and aftermarket upgrade parts, so it’s no surprise that their hardware is top-notch. The PT Pro is decked out in all-black hardware, save for the stainless-steel bridge saddles. The branded locking tuners feel solid and easy to use thanks to the large locking wheel, and the PT-H Pro bridge strings through the body.

Schecter PT Pro Bridge

The Schecter Z-Plus humbuckers aren’t as aggressive as they look. They give a medium output that serves well for both cleans and distorted sounds. There’s straightforward control with a 3-position selector, master volume and master tone. A further twist is added with the push/pull tone, splitting both pickups to a single coil. Whilst not quite nailing a Tele tone, there’s plenty of usable tones when splitting the coils. When using overdrive you can really hear the tone open up with the single coils, or onto the humbuckers for a tighter and refined sound.


Whilst the PT Pro may look like another T-style guitar with a flashy top, it’s so much more once you get to grips with it. Inviting to play, dependable hardware and impressive build quality – the PT Pro is a true all-rounder. A well-engineered guitar with a sound that puts itself into Les Paul territory, there’s no doubt the PT Pro can duke it out with guitars twice its price!

Schecter PT Pro: Trans Purple Burst | Trans Blue Burst


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