Overdrive Control With The New Microtubes Bass Drives

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Many-a studio engineer has endured many-a sleepless night when searching for a good distorted bass sound. Everyone wants a great tone that’s both fat and punchy. So, with that in mind, the new Microtubes Bass Drives from Darkglass Electronics have probably just caught those tired studio eyes a few extra zzzz’s.

To achieve a good overdriven bass, engineers will often reduce those lower frequencies before overloading the signal. This can wind up leaving the bass feeling a little thin. A bit short changed, even. So, engineers have tried to offset this by boosting the low-end. But, then, the bass ends up with bunch of unwanted fuzz in nasty places.

To deliver the right sound with the correct frequencies we need more control than a basic overdrive pedal can offer. So, for a long time these issues have been solved by using multi-band distortions in the studio. Thankfully, Microtubes have another solution, and one that we can take on stage.

The Microtubes X Multi-band Bass Drive

The Microtubes X works to simultaneously clean up your low-end whilst overloading the mid and treble tones. This is achieved by splitting the signal at the start of the chain by using two variable low-pass and high-pass filters. The bass frequency remains untouched, leaving the highs to deliver all the crunch, attack and harmonic texture you desire. The result of this is an aggressive, full signal that’s very fat and complete.

All of this is distributed via a compact pedal with very few controls to use. This means it’s harder to dial in the wrong tone than it is to just sound great.

The Microtubes X7 Muti-band Bass Drive/EQ/DI

Darkglass Microtube X7

Like the Microtubes X, the X7 is a compact and flexible pedal that can transform the vigor in your bass tone. It works in the same way as the X, but, has the bonus of a 4-band graphic EQ. Users will find its tailored mid-controls deliver excellent tonal flexibility and will help to create a fantastic, clear overdrive in live situations. We’re talking almost unlimited fullness with bags of aggression.

Additionally, the X7 comes with balanced XLR outputs. This means your certain to set up the pedal to perfectly suit your rig.

Whichever of the new Darkglass Microtubes Bass Drives you choose, you’re bound to find that your saturated bass tone will be improved. If you’re in Sheffield, why not pop in to Rich Tone to try one out and make your own mind up.


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