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Are you a Novation owner? The Novation Sound Collective is a platform providing free third-party software instruments and effects to all registered Novation users! Every two months you will be treated to free plugins and discounts off some awesome production tools.

This month’s offer is in association with ROLI and offers the ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums plugins for free. This offer runs from 9th April until 11th June.

ROLI Studio Player

ROLI Studio Player puts hundreds of larger-than-life synth basses, pads, leads, FX and much more at your fingertips, generated using the company’s Equator, Strobe 2 and Cypher 2 engines; while ROLI Studio Drums is the world’s first desktop MPE drums plugin, offering 15 ready-made 16-pad sampled and synthesised drum and percussion kits.

Every one of ROLI Studio Player’s presets and ROLI Studio Drums’ percussion pads features predefined macro controls for taking command of envelopes, filters, tuning, dynamics and other bespoke sound-shaping parameters. And for polishing and transformation, four effects inserts each draw on a roster of high-quality modules – delays, distortion, reverb, chorus, etc – with two XY pad-controlled parameters apiece. ROLI Studio Player’s Smart Chords and Arpeggiator MIDI processing modules let you effortlessly generate scale-snapped chords from single-note input, and create complex three-layered arpeggios – use both together for impressive one-finger sequences.

An intuitive, versatile and endlessly rewarding electronic music double-act, ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums will transform your existing projects and inspire entire new ones with their sublime sonics and performance-orientated controls.

Key Features

ROLI Studio Player

  • Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+ (64-bit)
  • Works stand-alone or as VST/Audio Units plug-in
  • Huge library of selected Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets
  • Adjust preset-specific parameters with three macro sliders and XY pad
  • Smart Chords module generates chord progressions from single notes
  • Three-layer Arpeggiator for easily creating complex and evolving sequences
  • Four Audio Effects inserts with a wide variety of modules
  • Output MIDI data from Smart Chords and Arpeggiator (VST only)

ROLI Studio Drums

  • Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+ support (64-bit)
  • Works stand-alone or as VST/Audio Units plug-in
  • Synthesised and sampled sounds in the world’s first MPE drum engine
  • 15 pro-quality kits of 16 pads each, created by ROLI’s in-house sound team
  • Macro slider and XY control for each drum pad
  • Four Audio Effects inserts with a wide a variety of modules

Novation Sound Collective

Sound Collective is a community hub that significantly brings you, Novation and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential. Sound Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins.

To join Sound Collective, simply register any Novation product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months.


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