Novation Sound Collective: Biotek Organic Synthesizer

Posted on 25th February 2019 by

Are you a Novation owner? The Novation Sound Collective is a platform providing free third-party software instruments and effects to all registered Novation users! Every two months you will be treated to free plugins and discounts off some awesome production tools.

This month’s offer is in association with Tracktion Software offering BioTek. You can download BioTek for FREE and get a 30% discount off BioTek 2! This offer runs until 4th April 2019.

Tracktion BioTek

BioTek is a unique and powerful plugin instrument. This software brings together an innovative synthesis engine and a built-in library of sampled natural, urban and mechanical sounds.

Within an intuitive single-screen interface, every preset calls up a set of clearly named macro knobs in each section. Designed specifically for each sound, these controls enable transformative hands-on control over a complex set of under-the-hood parameters, processes and modulation routings.

Two ’Mana’ sliders and an XY controller let you balance and morph the four layers of each preset to create your own weird and wonderful custom patches; and when you want to get into the details, entering Edit mode reveals the full array of per-layer controls. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go deep, BioTek’s esoteric sounds and empowering workflow makes it sound designer’s dream

BioTek 2

BioTek 2 builds on the foundations of its predecessor. Improved features and functions take the capabilities to new heights!

Novation Sound Collective Biotek Interface

New oscillator types and filters:

  • Spinal Saw for stacked sawtooth sounds
  • Granular for extreme audio
  • Transistor Ladder and Sallen Key low-pass filter types increase your frequency shaping options.

Furthermore, parameter automation is improved too, and a brand new dedicated browser page plays host to 500 factory presets. This includes 100 custom patches from electronic music legend Richard Devine.

Having downloaded the original BioTek for free, if you find yourself falling for its redoubtable charms, be sure to claim your 30% discount on BioTek 2 by 4 May.

Novation Sound Collective

Sound Collective is a community hub that significantly brings you, Novation and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential. Sound Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins.

To join Sound Collective, simply register any Novation product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months.



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