Novation Circuit Mono | V1.2 Firmware Upgrade!

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The Circuit Mono Station from Novation is certainly a powerful analogue synthesizer already. Version 1.2 takes this to a new level, opening up brand new sound design capabilities. We take a closer look at each of the new areas now available in V1.2!

Circuit Mono Station

If you haven’t seen it already, the Circuit Mono Station builds on the success of Novation’s Bass Station II, and similarly gives us great design and filthy flavour. The Mono Station takes much of the Bass Station’s synth engine and packs it into a paraphonic shell, with the addition of sequencer for good measure.

Novation Circuit Mono Top View

This means it’s a great device for sketching out ideas and a joy to navigate whilst you create wild and wacky analogue sounds. We’ve also seen it used as a hub for performing with external synths and drum machines.

Let your creative juices flow with the awesome firmware updates. The Version 1.2 update creates an all-new sequencing structure, which enhances integration with modular gear. You can also automate per step of your sequence, or even turn the Circuit Mono into an analogue drum machine!

Patch Flip

Patch Flip is an exciting new feature that will transform the Circuit Mono into a sound designer’s dream. Unique sequences can be created using different presets and automation per each step of the sequence. Consequently, this is also the function that will enable you to use the Circuit Mono as an analogue drum synth.

Modular Gear

The CV/GATE output comes into its own with V1.2 upgrades. The Mod Seq page will now let you independently control modular and CV gear with the new pitch and gate control.

Novation Circuit Mono Rear Panel View

LFO Sync

The LFOs pack some useful upgrades in V1.2! You can now decouple synced LFOs from key sync, and benefit from creating longer oscillations which can sync across several notes. This will let you create morphing musical phrases that mutate over a longer time! There’s also now independent control for the LFO Clock Sync.

Envelope Trigger

More expression is only ever a good thing! Version 1.2 upgrades the envelope and lets you now choose to have re-triggered and legato envelopes.

Click the image below for Novation’s tips and tricks for making the some of the dirtiest sounds possible!

Novation Circuit Mono Station dirty Banner


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