Nord’s New Electro 6 Stage Keyboard Lands!

Posted on 28th February 2018 by

Requiring a high-performance keyboard that’s perfect for stage use? The Nord Electro has long been the instrument of choice, and the iconic red livery can be seen on stages far and wide. Now with considerable upgrades in 2018, Rich Tone look at some of the features of Version 6 of this established tour-warrior.

Expanded Performance Possibilities

One thing that’s great about the Nord Electro series is the sheer versatility. Award-winning emulations of vintage electro and acoustic instruments are provided in a compact and lightweight package. The Electro 6 is now 3-part multitimbral. This means you can load multiple patches at once and have different parts of the keyboard playing different sounds. You can even set where your split points are from 6 possibilities, and crossfade between your patches. Another important new tweak is “Seamless Transitions”, meaning that the keyboard will automatically transition between sounds or programs while playing with no audible artefacts. There’s a new organise mode here too for quickly rearranging your settings, sounds and pages into a setlist for your gig.

Fully-Featured Piano Section

The Nord Electro 6 factory bank contains an extensive selection of the latest Grands, Uprights, Electric Pianos and Digital Pianos from the exclusive Nord Piano Library – all handpicked for their unique characters! The Piano section also features a new “Layer” category with rich dynamic layered patches. Nord have added Piano Filters to the mix here, giving you a whole new level of sonic control over the Version 5. Accentuate softness, mid or brilliance with this dedicated control.

Improved Organ Section

Back again are the great emulations of the B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox and Farfisa organs, as well as 2 brand new Pipe Organ models. The dedicated new Dual Organ mode provides quick access to dual manual setups. It offers a great overview and control of the drawbar settings for both the Lower and Upper manual settings. The organ section has the physical drawbars to give you masses of control over the tone, and you’ll be shredding the keys in no time.

Sizeable Sample Synth

Nord have bumped up the memory for the Electro 6. This version now has 512 MB available (up from 256 MB) for the Nord Sample Library. A quality resource, the Nord Sample Library 3.0 comprises exclusively licensed sounds including the Mellotron and Chamberlin. There’s Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls here, as well as an expanded Voice Polyphony.

Far-Reaching Effects

To complete the package, the Electro’s effects section is back and beefed up. There’s the massive range of instantly tweakable stereo effects, all modelled after classic stomp boxes and units. These are assignable to any of the Organ, Piano or Synth sections. Reverb now has an added Bright mode for even more customisation to your effects.

To sum up…

Looking like a great new range from Nord, continuing the Electro Legacy. There’s a reason the Nord is so popular. Touring musicians need a versatile and lightweight keyboard that’s packed with features, and this ticks all the boxes. Available as a 61 or 73 note keybed with Semi-Weighted action, or the frankly awesome 73-note Hammer Action Portable. We are buzzing to get ours set up in the showroom!


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