Next Level DJing: The New DJ-202 Mixpack Bundle

Posted on 25th October 2018 by

Back by some sort of popular people’s demand, Roland has reintroduced their world-famous DJ-202 Mixpack Bundle. From October 1st to December 31st, 2018, you can buy a Roland DJ-202 controller and receive a whole heap of extras, worth close to €200. So, this means you can go from enthusiastic amateur to creative genius in an instant.

With this in mind, let’s have a little look at what it is the people want.

Roland DJ-202 Controller

The DJ-202 is a cracking mobile DJ controller. It features a built-in drum machine, performance pads, sampler and more. Additionally, it functions as a USB audio/Midi interface and a 1/4” mic input with gate, hi-pass, reverb and echo FX.  Furthermore, it delivers unparalleled flexibility to DJ, remix, and produce beats off-the-cuff while performing live or letting loose in the studio. It’s perfect for DJs who crave global club domination with little more than a rucksack and a Ryanair ticket to Party Central.

Full Serato Pro Licence (Worth €99)

DJ-202 Mixpack Bundle

Your DJ-202 will already be working with DJ Lite – the entry software. But, take the DJ-202 Mixpack Bundle and you’ll get your little, mixing fingers on Serato DJ Pro. This is the fully-fledged pro version used by the world’s top DJs and includes expansion packs, MIDI mapping and, well, lots more.

Find out exactly what

One Hour Live DJ-202 Tutorial From Roland (Worth €99)

The DJ-202 controller lets you get really creative. It’s intuitive and hands-on, sleek and powerful. So, how about a free lesson, straight from the horse’s mouth. Roland holds monthly sessions which are designed to speed up and upgrade up your knowledge of this remarkably exciting controller. And, best of all you won’t have to leave your studio. Just access the sessions via a device with a web connection.

20% Off Beatport Music Purchases

DJ-202 Mixpack Bundle

Beatport is an online record store. It houses a huge selection of music across lots of genres and includes top ten charts. This is a real bonus when working the clubs because you’ll be able to give the people what their dance moves demand. So, the bundle includes 20% off your first purchase. Needless to say, the more you spend the greater the saving.

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