NEW Yamaha DTX402 Series Electronic Drum Kit

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True, drums aren’t easy to play. Yet, everyone loves them. That’s why Yamaha have brought out the new Yamaha DTX402 Series electronic kit. After all, beats are the backbone to any band and the reason we dance (or try to). Drummers have all kinds of nuances to wrap their heads around. Rhythm and technique, style and expression. Perhaps you could do with a helping hand.

How about a kit that has 415 percussion, drum and keyboard sounds? A kit with a compact design and light enough to move around with minimal fuss. A kit that actually tracks your progress and encourages you to improve. A singular shell with 10 built-in kits.

With the new Yamaha DTX402 Series, now’s the perfect time to become that drummer your band want you to be!


DTX402k – Training Made Simple

Delivering a number of settings for beginners, the DTX402K features 10 built-in training exercises. They include a Pad Gate Function to train you over time and a Rhythm Gate Function to nail your sense of rhythm. Furthermore, there’s even a scoring function to assess your own progress as you improve. And because it features an iOS/Android app, you can jam along to its built in tracks and Challenge Mode function. Additionally, if you complete the challenge, Yamaha will send you a nice certificate to prove how great you are.

Sealing the deal on your technique and groove has never been easier or more fun.

DTX432k – Record And Share Your Progress

Just like the DTX402K, you can take advantage of its huge array of interactive options. Not only can you connect to the app, you can also go straight to your PC.  Now, if you like, you’re able to practice all night before sharing the beats with your friends and social media. You can even ship your progress straight to the band and demonstrate your new grooves! Or, use those recorded beats in the studio.

The only difference between the 402 and 432 models is the inclusion of professional pedals.

DTX452K – 3 Zone Snare Action

And finally, in the Yamaha DTX402 Series, there’s the DTX452. Again, it comes loaded with the same training, recording and interactive options as the other two in the series. Only this time, there’s a very special little upgrade. As well as the professional pedals, you can actually use a real kick pedal. Additionally, it comes with a 3-zone snare pad which further enhances your ability to add expression in your performance.

By and large the Yamaha DTX402 Series is designed to help you be the best drummer you can be. So, in the event that you’re looking to improve your technique, it might be time to say goodnight Vienna to your sub-standard percussion tutor.

In fact, say hello Lionel to your new teacher, drum kit, percussion unit and friend, in one.

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DTX402 Touch – A Closer Look At The App

DTX402 Touch App

As mentioned, the DTX402 Series has an app available. It’s this app that has the power to turn you from a bedroom tapper into the complete John Bonham/Ginger Baker/Moe Tucker.

If you’re an iPhone/iPad sort of person, you’ll need to connect your smart device to the DTX by using a USB cable and Lightning USB adapter. If you’re an Android then you’ll need an OTG cable. But, once you’re all plugged in you’ll be able to tap into its Training and Challenge Mode. Both are designed to make you play better, faster and more accurately. With over 280 drum and percussion sounds you can personalize the kits by just touching the drum pads on screen. It has a Recorder Function so you can assess your own performance, and a Fast Blast setting to count the number of strokes in a period of time – helping to build speed and stamina.

Overall, the DTX402 Touch is a revelation. It’s simple and intuitive, customisable and totally fun.

Drumsticks – Zildjian 5B Nylon Black 

Zildijan 5B Nylon Black Drumstick

If you’ve made the leap into the world of electronic drum kits you’ll probably need some sticks, too. And, if there’s a company who know what they’re talking about here, it’s Zildjan.

The 5B weight with nylon tips is perfect if you’re starting out because its texture is neither too slippy nor slick. It’s versatile and comfortable, and they’ve got no chance of warping or bending on you. Carved from American-grown hickory, apparently the same material as the common baseball bat, these bad boys can withstand a helluva beating. And because the tips are nylon, they’ll help to protect the health of your electronic pads.

Stylish to see, durable to use and comfortable to hold.  It’s easy to see why the Zildjian 5Bs are popular among drummers of all levels and ages.

Drum Throne – Monarchy Style Comfort From Mapex

Mapex T765 Drum Throne

Any percussionist will tell you, “look after your backside.”

If you’re not comfortable where you sit, you’ll not be a happy drummer. That’s why I’m going to encourage you to get a seat. Not just any seat, though. The sort of seat where you’re going to be happy drumming on and on. And on. The Mapex T765 drum throne is a long time friend to the rear end of the rhythm section. It features double-brace legs with slip-proof rubber feet to provide durability and stability. The threaded steel spindle height adjustment with memory lock make it secure to sit on and convenient to adjust. And of course, it’s got a nice, deep cushion.

So, there you have it all.  You’ve got your sticks, you’ve got your throne and you’ve downloaded the app. Yamaha have delivered a superior electronic drum kit with the capability to teach you how to be a total legend. You’ve had your cake. Now, get drumming.


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