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If you’re thinking of adding some flair to your onstage performance now is a great time to start looking at the brand new BOSS WL Series wireless transmitters.

You’re onstage, in the middle of a performance. You’ve got the crowd firmly onside and you’re looking to add a bit of rock legend status to the set. You look at taking a dive into the crowd, or better still, climb that stack you’ve been eyeing up since soundcheck. Unfortunately, that cable you’re using is just too darn short, and even so, you know the risks involved. You become uncertain and the moment escapes you…

BOSS might just have the solution.

BOSS WL-20 / WL-20L

It’s true, stage navigation comes with its own unique set of hazards. With the BOSS WL-20 series you don’t have to worry about becoming entangled in your own cable. Or worse, accidently unplugging your riff machine.

If you’re a passive pickup user, which most of us are, this is probably the one you’re after. The WL-20 comes with a built-in cable-tone simulation which rolls off the high-end frequency and gives you that warm tone you’re used to with a standard cable.

However, if you’re using an instrument where cable capacitance has no effect on your tone, you can try the WL-20L. This is a great choice if you use a guitar with an active pickup, an onboard preamp or an online device.



Scaling that stack won’t be such an issue with the BOSS WL-50. Delivering an incredible plug-and-play experience, the stompbox-sized receiver slips right alongside your other pedals. There’s a docking port to charge the transmitter and it even selects the best wireless connection for your virtual cable to operate.  And, it comes with two cable tone simulation options.

The WL-50 gives you the ability to interact with your audience and band members without the bothers usually associated with wireless systems.



You’ve scaled the stack. You’re a legend. The audience are in the palm of your hand. But, in an unfortunate incident you’ve somehow damaged your wireless transmitter. Ordinarily you’d be scurrying around for your trusty old cable, full of hazards and limitation. Not you, though. You’ve got your replacement wireless transmitter, compatible with the WL-series and the KATANA AIR.



In that same unfortunate incident you managed to send your guitar wildly out of tune. More than that, you’ve done the same to the bass, violin, ukulele and just about every other stringed instrument in sight. Not to worry. You all have the BOSS TU-03 – a high performance tuner AND metronome in one. Additionally with its convenient clip-on unit, you can pop it onto the headstock of your guitar and get back on track in no time.

And speaking of timing, the TU-03 comes with eight metronome patterns and ten beat variations. Never again will you have to play out of sync or tune with the rest of your band.

If you’re deadly serious about taking your stage presence and audience interaction to the next level, then now is a great time to upgrade. Say no to broken or tangled leads. Yes, to total freedom.


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