New & Re-released Taylor Acoustic Guitars

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Up until now, Taylor has been known for modern takes on acoustic tones. But, this batch of new guitars manages to convey a whole new personality to the Dreadnought and Grand Concert acoustic groups. Featuring the tone shaping control of Taylor’s award-winning V-Class bracing, they deliver well-seasoned sound, low-end power. It’s Taylor, but like you’ve never heard!

Taylor Builder Edition

The Builder’s Edition collection shows off Taylor’s boundary-pushing pursuits. Each guitar is built to be the most player-friendly instrument, both in terms of sound and feel. And, of course, they feature that aforementioned, award-winning V-class bracing – a game-changing framework that delivers improved volume and sustain. Available with a natural finish in both the 500 and 700 series, the guitars also come in a lovely Wild Honey Burst Finish

Taylor 700 & 500 Series

Main Features

  • Improved harmonic agreement between notes all along the fretboard
  • Unmatched tonal clarity, power and uniformity
  • Comfortable contouring helps deliver the ultimate playability
  • Projects a whole bag of power, warmth and complexity in its tone

Buy the 517E or in Wild Honey Burst // Buy the 717E or in Wild Honey Burst

Grand Concert Guitars V-Class


Taylor 522e

Firstly, it’s the Grand Concert guitars is the 522e. It’s a 12-fret electro-acoustic that delivers a brilliantly bright and warm tone with bags of projection. Its NT neck design gives players a straighter and more stable instrument, offering more resistance to common problems found in regular necks. Additionally, the revolutionary Expression System 2 pickup features three independently positioned and calibrated sensors. This delivers a faithful conveyance of your guitar, whether through a PA or amplifier.

Taylor 522e 12-Fret V-Class Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Main Features

  • The Grand Concert body shape is incredibly comfortable to perform with
  • Taylor’s Expression System electronics provide natural sounding amplification
  • Its clarity and precision is perfect for fingerpicking styles
  • V-Class bracing produces unmatched sustain, volume, and intonation
  • The mahogany build delivers fantastically bright and clear acoustic tones

Buy the 522E

Taylor 812ce

Secondly, it’s the 812ce electro-acoustic. Once again, it features that incredibly comfortable 12-fret NT neck design and the Expression System 2 electronics. Furthermore, the Grand Concert body includes a Venetian cutaway that delivers superior comfort and easy access to the upper frets.

Taylor 812ce 12-Fret V-Class Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Main Features

  • Indian Rosewood provides lots of clarity and tone
  • 12 fret design with Venetian cutaway delivers fantastic playing comfort
  • Expression System 2 Electronics produces a natural amplified sound
  • V-Class bracing produces unmatched sustain, volume, and intonation
  • Relief Rout bracing enhances the tonal output

Buy the 812CE

GS Mini Bass

Adding to the popular traditions of the GS-Mini social group, Taylor has introduced the GS Mini-e Bass. It’s compact, lightweight and super comfortable to play. But, just because it’s small in physical size doesn’t mean it’s petit in character. In fact, it is as much a powerful recording instrument as it is helpful in size.

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar - Maple

Main Features

  • A scaled-down GS that’s anything but small in sound or character
  • Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic range for a versatile range of playing styles
  • This ES-B pickup/preamp combo includes a built-in digital chromatic tuner
  • The Layered Sapele wood construction creates an attractive, durable and affordable model

Buy the Mini Bass

Re-released And Back In Circulation

As well as this whole batch of new guitars, Taylor has recirculated several guitars that had been confined to the discontinued log. So, let’s have a quick look at these, too.

GS Mini

First, the GS Mini. This ever-popular little guitar is a fun little instrument that’s as thrilled to sit in your front room as it is in the back of your car. It delivers a rich, full tone, and, because of its convenient size, provides hassle-free lugging.

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic GuitarBuy Here

114ce-N Nylon Electro-Acoustic

Next up, it’s the Taylor 114ce-N Nylon Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Its layered walnut back and sides link up with with a solid Sitka spruce top to deliver a rich and modern voice. And, because it comes with an onboard ES-N electronic system, you can plug in and perform any time you like.

Taylor 114ce-N Nylon Electro-Acoustic GuitarBuy Here

214ce Electro Acoustic

Another guitar back in circulation is this Taylor 214ce Electro-acoustic guitar. Available in a sleek, black finish, this electro-acoustic guitar is built using a spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. It’s renowned for its exciting tone and comes with a barn load of high-end sparkle and midrange punch.

Taylor 214ce DLX Electro-Acoustic Guitar - BlackBuy Here

214ce-CF DLX Electro-Acoustic

Finally, the Taylor 214ce-CF DLX Electro-Acoustic brings a slice of vintage styling to the Grand Auditorium guitar. Available in a delicious sunburst finish, it’s a visually beautiful guitar that is matched by the sound, too. It’s perfect for a range of playing styles and the pickup system means you can plug into large venues and still sound totally natural.

Taylor 214ce-CF DLX Electro-Acoustic - SunburstBuy Here


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