New Product: Ltd Edition Black Ash Endangered Fuzz

Posted on 8th November 2018 by

EarthQuaker Devices has just released a new pedal. Taking influence from the iconic ‘three-knob’ Tone Bender, the Ltd Edition Black Ash is a very special fuzz/overdrive pedal. It features a  set of highly curated premium components, including paper-in-oil capacitors and half watt carbon composition resistors. In fact, so rare are these components, they’ve been syphoned off from the president’s personal collection. And, by the president, we mean Jamie Stillman, head of EarthQuaker. Not…that other bloke!

It features three controls – Volume, Fuzz and Top. The Volume sets the output level while the Fuzz adjusts the amount of gain. Then, the Top control works with frequencies between 2kHz and 1-kHz. This adjusts how far ‘forward’ the guitar sits in the mix and helps pair the Black Ash with various types of pickup. Limited to a modest 1500 units, it’s designed to make single-coil pickups glisten and humbuckers chime.

Ltd Edition Black Ash – Endangered Fuzz

Main Features:

  • Uses rare and irreplaceable components from Jamie Stillman’s personal stash
  • Limited-run fuzz unit – only 1,500 pieces worldwide
  • A wide range of dirt tones – from amp-like breakup to fire-breathing fuzz tones
  • Top dial – lets you tailor the Black Ash to suit any setup
  • All-analog signal path
  • True Bypass – with silent soft-touch switching

Each Black Ash is built one-at-a-time. By hand and from amateur dendrologists in Ohio, USA. You’ll want to grab one quickly, though. Because Europe is going to see very few numbers. In fact, the demand for these limited units is likely to cause the UK’s servers to crash.

Head down to Rich Tone in Sheffield or visit our online store to grab one before you can’t.


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