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As this summer heatwave brings out the emergency air conditioning units, a cool range of new Korg and VOX products for Summer 2018 have arrived. The guitarists in the audience will be pleased to learn of a whole range of incredibly hot VOX amplifiers, tuners and clip on contact mics. While the blues-types among us will be blowing hard over the new design harmonicas.

VOX Mini Superbeetle 25 –  The Past Meets The Now


Let me guess. You’re looking for that iconic style of the 60’s. You’re serious about your tone, but, because you don’t have a time machine you require something more…modern. Well, the new VOX Mini Superbeetle 25 might just be what you’re looking for.

Mini and mighty, the amp gives a not-so-subtle nod to the classic look of the British Invasion by inheriting that gorgeous look of yesteryear’s stacks. It comes with new analogue circuitry for an authentic tube tone and several updated features. A built-in reverb and NuTube driven tremolo improve the ability to shape your sound, and its headphone/line out is great for practice and recording. It also features one single 10-inch Celestion speaker that delivers authentic, gorgeous tones.

Overall, the Mini Superbeetle 25 is the sound of a classic VOX amp, packaged in a compact way, yet sounds as authentic as heck.

VOX AC30S1 – One Channel. One Speaker. One Job.


Since the 60s, the VOX AC30 has been an immovable component of rock ‘n’roll. Its unique sound continues to be much sought after and still inspires players to this day. Now, much to the music of everyone’s ear, VOX have released the AC30 OneTwelve.

The AC30S1 still delivers the experience of its classic uncle, but in a more stripped down and straightforward fashion. It features a single channel based on the original AC30’s Top Boost, and a unique touch sensitive circuit. From chimey clean to rich overdrive, the AC30S1 gives you all sorts of incredible, natural tones. Futhermore, the AC30S1 features two 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and four EL84 power-amp tubes. Then, it pumps everything out through a single Celestion-made 12-inch speaker, specially voiced for the AC30S1.

Of course, any updated amp wouldn’t be complete without meeting the needs of today’s player. The send/return jacks deliver convenient connections for external effects, and its built-on reverb simulates a cracking spring reverb unit.

With one speaker, one channel and one role,  VOX AC30S1 does one heck of a job in making you sound like a total legend on stage.

VOX AC4C1-12 – Classic VOX At Low Levels

the AC4C1-12 mini combo amp

We’ve just mentioned that famous VOX AC30 sound. Now, how about it having it delivered in a compact and portable amplifier?

That’s just what we have here. Still able to deliver that traditional VOX tone, the AC4C1-12 is a low wattage, all-tube mini combo amp. And, because of its small size and inherited Top Boost Tone, its been the choice of guitarists everywhere. Its features include gain, bass, treble and volume controls to further enhance your sound and shape your tone as you like. Additionally, it includes an extension speaker jack so you’re able to hook up to another 16 ohm guitar cab.

The VOX  AC4C1-12 may not be the most powerful amp overall, but it’s versatile and compact – making it perfect for the studio or at home.


Korg CM-300 – Helping You Keep In Tune

Korg CM-300 Contact Mic

Another item on the list of new Korg and Vox products is the Korg contact mic. So, if you’re after a mic that clips straight to your tuner, then this might be what you need.

The CM-300 is a clip-style contact that attaches right to your instrument. Featuring a piezo element it sends the vibrations of your instrument directly to your tuner. Whether you’re part of a large ensemble or flying solo, it delivers high precision tuning, even in an environment with high ambient sounds. The CM-300‘s cable provides an efficient transmission and the sheath is curved for flexibility. Its clip opens to a width of 30mm and is shaped in such a way that it can attach to any kind of instrument.

Available in black, white/black and black/red, this contact mic facilitates the ultimate tuning accuracy to accurately capture the sound of whatever instrument you like to play.

Korg Pitchclip – Simple & Convenient Tuning

Korg Pitchclip clip-on tuner

The Korg Pitchclip is an incredibly simple tuner with convenient features and easy to use, whether onstage or at home.

It’s a simple as clipping onto your instrument and flicking on the power. The built in piezo feels the vibration and delivers the pitch via its clear and bright LED display. The Pitchclip is easy to read and even remains visible throughout badly lit conditions. Furthermore, its display is reversible, which stops you from having to read the information upside down, even if the tuner is attached to the front or rear of the headstock. Finally, it offers an accurate, ultra-responsive detection range from A0 to C8.

Overall, the Korg Pitchclip delivers a great product at an exceptional value.

VOX Harmonicas – Become A Blowhard

Vox Continental Harmonica Type 1 type 2 As part of the new Korg and VOX products for 2018, VOX have announced that they’ve just entered the world of mouth organs. Which is great news for  anyone looking to emulate those Bob Dylan / Big Mama Thornton style blues.

First on our agenda is the Continental Type 1 Harmonica. Featuring ten holes and 20 notes, the Type 1 delivers an aggressive, resonant tone that fits like a glove to the styles of blues, rock and folk. It comes in a wildly stylish British Racing Green finish, and is built using a wood/resin composite body.

Next, coming in a bold red, retro-chic colouring, the Type-2 advances VOX’s sense of design and style. It uses an equal temperament which is perfect for playing ballads or tunes swamped in melody. Like the Type-1, it’s built using a wood/resin body and a stainless steel cover. It features ten holes with 20 notes and can perform in the keys of C,D,G and A.

As if the style wasn’t enough to get you playing, VOX deliver both of these mouth organs with a plastic case, original cloth and a manual including several Beatles scores. Thank you, VOX.

More or less, that wraps up your guide to the new Korg and VOX products for summer 2018. All that remains is for you to get shopping and beef up that rig of yours.


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