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Fender’s FSR models have become legendary among players looking for something a little different from Fender. Fender stands for “Fender Special Run”, and describes any limited run instruments from Fender. Previously manufactured exclusively in Japan, nowadays FSR can refer to guitars made in Mexico, USA or Japan. The latest release hit our website this week, and available to order now! Take a look at our favourites from the new range…

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FSR MIJ Aerodyne Stratocaster

  • Unique aesthetic appeal
  • Made In Japan
  • Fender Standard Stratocaster pickups

FSR Aerodyne StratsBuy the FSR MIJ Aerodyne Stratocaster: 3-Tone Sunburst | Red

The Aerodyne is back! One of the coolest members of the Stratocaster family, this Made In Japan special run is a unique take on a classic. At a glance, the Aerodyne appears largely similar to a US or Mexican Strat, but look a little closer and you’ll see the exotic arched top and appealing body binding. A basswood body, beautiful figured maple top and classic rosewood fingerboard complete the wood selection.

These FSR guitars are highly coveted and give you a special blend of bang for your buck. Given that it’s priced under £900, many guitarists consider the Aerodyne to be the best Stratocasters on the market! Not to be missed if you are looking for a Strat that performs – you will treasure yours for years.

Buy the FSR MIJ Aerodyne Stratocaster: 3-Tone Sunburst | Red

FSR American Pro Ash Stratocaster

  • Ash body construction
  • Classic Stratocaster styling
  • Tim Shaw designed V-Mod pickups

FSR Am Pro Ash StratBuy Fender FSR American Pro Ash Stratocaster Now!

The wood of choice of Leo Fender, the American Pro Ash Stratocaster uses an Ash guitar body with a maple neck. Purists will enjoy the traditional feel of this Strat, as well as the characteristic balanced tone from the Ash tone wood. Famed for blending warmth and brightness, Fender used Ash exclusively during their early years.

There’s three Fender V-Mod pickups to give a precise voicing with a vintage-informed tone. This is as classic a Strat as you can get, and we think looks gorgeous in Butterscotch Blonde with the black pickguard!

Buy Fender FSR American Pro Ash Stratocaster Now!

FSR American Pro Tele & Strat – Rosewood Necks

  • Solid Rosewood neck
  • Tim Shaw designed V-Mod and Shawbucker pickups
  • Unique colour options

FSR Am Pro RW NecksBuy the FSR American Professional Rosewood: Telecaster | Stratocaster

Time for a couple of showstoppers… Introducing the FSR American Pro Rosewood guitars! There’s one each of the Telecaster and Stratocaster, in Champagne and Rose Gold respectively. The standout features of these instruments is undoubtedly the solid rosewood necks. These leave a striking visual impression as well as a unique playing experience.

The Tele uses the deluxe format with two Shawbucker pickups for a smooth vintage sound. The Strat is HSS configuration with V-Mods and a Shawbucker for well-balanced versatility. Classy yet ostentatious, familiar and unique in equal measure. We simply love these!

Buy the FSR American Professional Rosewood: Telecaster | Stratocaster

FSR Player Precision and American Pro Jazz Bass

  • Limited Edition finishes
  • Player Precision gives you classic P-bass tone and maple neck
  • American Pro Jazz features a solid rosewood neck

FSR Precision Ocean Turquoise

Buy Fender FSR Player Precision Bass – Ocean Turquoise Now!

Not to leave the bassists out of the special edition offering, Fender offer two limited run models. The Player Precision bass has quickly become a popular choice for discerning bassists. The P-bass is a favourite for studio recording, and the Player series version fits the bill, and gives incredible sound with a tidy price tag. Show off with the limited-edition Ocean Turquoise finish and maple neck!

FSR Jazz Shell Pink

Buy Fender American Professional Rosewood Jazz Bass Now!

Favoured for its brightness and characteristic sound, the Jazz bass is the other bass guitar you should have! This standout offering uses the vintage Shell Pink finish with a solid rosewood neck, which we’ve not seen on a bass guitar too often. The American Pro specification includes two V-Mod pickups which give a vintage-style tone to match this bass’ awesome looks.

FSR Squier Classic Vibe 50s Esquire

FSR 50s Esquire

Buy the Squier Classic Vibe 50s Esquire Now!

It may be the dream of many a guitarist to own a vintage Fender guitar, but the astronomical price tag will often be a barrier! The Classic Vibe series from Squier aims to tick the style boxes, whilst benefitting from the reliability of modern electronics and hardware, as well as much more appealing price! This 50s Esquire is THE classic, based on one of the original Leo Fender designs. Great value along with beautiful vintage styling.

FSR Super Champ X2 G10 – Wine Red

Buy Fender FSR Super Champ – Wine Red Now!

  • Celestion 10” G10 Speaker
  • Limited Wine Red covering with Wheat grille
  • 15 watts of all-tube power

FSR Super Champ Wine Red

Liked it so far? Then you’re going to need an amp to plug into! The FSR Super Champ delivers a rich, dual-channel tube amp sound along with versatile modern features. This popular little amplifier is now available in Wine Red which gives a unique style that’ll leave no doubt about its pedigree. Not just another Fender amp, the voicing knob gives you variety between 16 different amp types. From Tweed, Blackface, British and Metal, you will find a tone to suit.

Buy Fender FSR Super Champ – Wine Red Now!

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