Native Instruments Expand NKS Integration

Posted on 26th April 2018 by

Rich Tone Music look at Native Kontrol Standard (NKS). This is essentially a plugin format that connects software instruments and effects to NI’s keyboards and hardware. So far the benefits have covered software instruments, but now Native Instruments expand the offering to include software effects too. Read on for more about the massive benefits this could have for your production workflow!

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)

Native Instruments have taken a great forward step with this extended plugin format. Ever found frustration in getting your software plugins working with you controller? Or growing tired of needing to manually MIDI map every encoder to where you need it to be? With NKS, software instruments and now effects can be seamlessly integrated into your Komplete Kontrol and Maschine hardware!

Anyone using lots of 3rd party plugin for music production will receive huge benefits to workflow thanks to NKS. The benefits break down into four main categories:

Quicker and Better Browsing

You can quickly scroll through thousands of patches, and hear audio previews as you go. There are over 75 manufacturers who are listed as partners right now. The ever-growing list currently includes big hitters such as Arturia, Waves and Korg, as well as tonnes more! Check out all the confirmed NKS partners here.

Quick Access to Key Controls

If you prefer to get hands-on with your instruments, NKS provides the perfect solution. The developers themselves have already mapped their plugins onto both the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, so the integration is seamless. All the important instrument and effect parameters are right there where you need them. It’s like having shedloads of hardware synthesizers all in one familiar unit!

Musical Complexity in an Instant

Many producers today will be the first to admit they don’t have incredible keyboard playing skills. Whether you like to use arpeggiators, chords, or trigger musical intervals, NKS covers your back. The hardware connects with the software instruments meaning you can benefit from a plethora of musical aids to allow your imagination to do all the work, rather than your fingers.

Explore Deeper Features and Settings

Because the plugins just work straightaway with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, you’re freed up to take a deeper look at what they can do. Light Guide is a feature which will provide the route to follow. This lights up sections of the controller to let you access deeper parameters, settings, articulations, mappings and much more besides!

NKS Partners

With NKS Native Instruments have really set themselves apart from other manufacturers. By teaming up and becoming partners, each of the plugins can be used to their full effects. Users achieve all the benefits of knowing software instruments inside out, without the need to learn them. And to have them right there to use on a piece of familiar hardware is another huge plus.

Finally, check out this video featuring Nora from Native Instruments. She goes through the functions and lets you see how easy to use your controller becomes with NKS.


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