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Schecter has made a name for itself as one of the all-time greats in guitar manufacturing. By producing a massive arsenal of guitars with high outputs and fast fretboards, metal players are drawn to Schecter like moths to a flickering studio lightbulb. Now, as if to up the wattage and create more excitement, here’s a batch of 2019 Schecter guitars.

Schecter Reaper Series

These beautifully designed guitars deliver resonant tonality with a custom shop style. Once you plug in one of these beasts the whole neighbourhood will know about it. Its high-output Decimator pickups will cut through the mix like a hot-knife through Bertolli, yet still has enough versatility to operate in various genres of music. Plus, you’ll find a Schecter Custom Hardtail bridge or Floyd Rose 1500 and Schecter tuners.

Main Features

  • Main Features Its ultra-thin neck and contoured body provides a fantastic playing experience
  • An awesome metal sound that delivers immense power and maximum playabilityProvides style, tone, power, and playability – an excellent rock guitar
  • An Ultra-Access cutaway gives you comfort and effortless riffing
  • Features an exhilarating tone via its Diamond Decimator pickups

Schecter Reaper Series 2019

There are four guitars in the Reaper series, each with unique modifications. The Reaper 6 FR features that famous Floyd Rose guitar that lets you divebomb to your heart’s content and the Reaper 6 FR S includes a Sustainiac neck pick up for an everlasting sustain. Finally, the Multi-Scale 7 includes a seventh string.

Artist Models

If you’re looking for some guitars based on the good advice a few legends then check out this 2019 range of artist models. First, there’s the Chris Howorth V-7. Its V shape body gives you ultra access to the high frets and delivers effortless riffing. Plus, its graphic design option features a snake wrapped around a crucifix that’s certain to stand out. Or, you can enjoy a more conservative Metallic Black finish.

Secondly, we have the Schecter Al Jourgensen Signature Triton. This is another unique and versatile design that’s based on the traditional V shape. However, this guy includes an additional spike, making the guitar resemble a fast food takeaway fork. Regardless, its custom shop San Andreas pickups deliver heavy tones and bags of sustain. And, the ultra-thin neck makes playing it a joy.

Finally, it’s the Nick Johnson Traditional. So-called because of its classic Strat body shape and Schecter single coil pickups. This beauty also features a roasted maple neck and locking tuners for further sustain and stability.

Schecter Artist Series 2019

The Apocalypse Series

Also from the 2019 Schecter guitars list is the Apocalypse Series. They include the new V-shaped V1 and double cutaway C-1. Both feature a set of Schecter USA Apocalypse-VI pickups that deliver an explosive sound and an easy playing thin ‘C’ shape neck. This means you’re free to run up and down the fretboard with immense ease, allowing you to riff harder and faster than ever before. Plus, they come in a pretty neat Rusty Grey finish.

Schecter Apocalypse Guitars 2019

Evil Twin Models

Finally, in our roundup of 2019 Schecter Guitars, we have the Elite Twin models.

First up is the C-1 SLS Evil Twin. It’s made of Swamp Ash and features Roman numeral inlays with glow in the dark dot markers. The electronics include a pair of Fishman active humbuckers that produce an awesome, high-output sound to rival any guitar. Plus, it includes additional multi-voice options through push/pull knobs so you can be sure of an extremely versatile instrument. However, if you need more from a guitar then the C-7 SLS Elite Evil gives you that additional 7th string.

Even more impressive Schecter C-1 FR S SLS. Again, it features an active Fishman pickup as well as a Sustainiac Humbucker. But, it also includes a Floyd Rose bridge and a double locking tremolo system that lets you divebomb like all the greats.

Schecter Evil Twin Models 2019




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