NAMM 2019: Roland’s Entry-Level FP-10 Digital Piano

Posted on 4th February 2019 by

In short, Roland’s FP-10 delivers superb performance at an unbelievable price. Building on the success of the FP-30, Roland add this new digital piano as an entry-level. Retaining many of the features that make the FP-30 great, see why we are so excited about this latest addition to the FP series!

Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

Key Features

  • SuperNATURAL Piano Engine sounds incredible
  • Authentic and expressive playing due to the full size 88-key PHA-4 Standard keyboard
  • Powerful speakers able to flood room with rich sound
  • Compact full-size 88 key format
  • Built in Bluetooth MIDI/USB Interface for connecting to computers and DAW software
  • Excellent tutorial features such as Piano Partner 2 and Twin Piano Mode

SuperNATURAL Piano Engine

Roland FP-10 closeup

SuperNATURAL gives an expressive and lively piano sound that exceeds the abilities of other instruments in this price band. With technology borrowed from the acclaimed FP-30, the FP-10’s piano tone is equally something to shout about! Beginners and experienced players will enjoy the articulate, dynamic sounds this piano makes. Add the fun of sounds such as organs, electric pianos, strings, and even a jazz scat sound! Practice just became a lot more fun.

Full size 88-key PHA-4 Standard Keyboard

Roland FP-10 Topdown

Roland give a lot of emphasis to ‘feel’ with the FP-10. The PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides a great playing experience. This lets you hone that most-important piano skill; expressiveness. Furthermore, Roland’s touch-detection technology, high-resolution sensing and escapement add to the pleasure of playing this instrument. The hammer-action also scales authentically, becoming lighter towards the higher pitches. Roland even include a special ivory-esque key coating to give this keyboard a tactile and realistic feel!

Excellent Variety of Features

You’ll tighten your timing with the onboard metronome and learn faster with the Twin Piano Mode. This neat feature lets learner and teacher sit side-by-side and play in the same key range. Add to that the Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity, you can connect with a world of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and apps ranging from Apple GarageBand to Roland’s Piano Partner 2.


Roland FP-10 dimensions

Perhaps you would prefer a full-size piano but can’t justify the space and expense? The FP-10 is the answer. Small and portable enough to fit into any room, yet providing a full-range 88-key keyboard. With its authentic playing feel, impressive sounds and useful tutorial features, you won’t find a better investment at this price. An ideal choice for a beginner, or perhaps as a second piano for a seasoned pianist.



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