NAMM 2019: New products from Orange!

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Orange hit 2019 with a pair of new amplifiers. There’s the TremLord 30, Orange’s take on a classic 1950s amp, and then the Pedal Baby 100, a 100-watt power amp for a pedalboard. Read on for more about these two very interesting amps from the iconic brand.

TremLord 30

Orange TremLord Top

This is the amplifier that Orange never made! It’s a 30 watt 1×12 all-valve combo, giving you a classic vintage tone. There are two footswitchable valve-driven tremolo speeds and two spring reverb tank, to really dig in to 50s authenticity. The 12-inch speaker is a marvel, having worked with Italian specialists Lavoce to create a speaker to suit this amp perfectly. And the carefully selected EL84 output valves provide the uniquely British tone, making this unmistakably Orange.

TremLord Back

Key Features

  • Bedroom to Headroom: Switch the output between 1,2, 15 and 30 watts. Benefit from added versatility without losing any of the springiness and sag of valve amps.
  • Lavoce 12 inch Speaker: Specially designed for this amplifier, the Lavoce speaker offers extra headroom together with a smooth top end.
  • Footswitchable Valve Tremolo: Powered by a 12AX7 valve, this gives you a real 50s tremolo sound. There’s also a post-tremolo FX loop let will let you incorporate a proper tremolo anywhere in your FX chain.
  • Two Spring Reverb Tank: A rich spring reverb with a deep, splashy sound and driven by a single 12AT7/ECC81 valve and a custom transformer.

Pedal Baby 100

Pedal Baby 100

This is a Class A/B 100-Watt power amp that gives guitarists a fresh option when they want to run their pedalboards on the go. Lightweight and convenient, the Pedal Baby gives you 70 watts at 16 ohms of clean analogue power. Turn up to your gig with your pedalboard and this, plug straight into a cab and you’re away!

Pedal Baby 100 Back

Key Features

  • Class A Front End: The premium standard that ensures zero crossover distortion inside your amplifier. This gives you the cleanest, natural tones, and some real grunt if you drive with an external pre-amp.
  • Class A/B Power Amp: Class A/B delivers a more natural and complete tone, and able to properly power larger cabs into 16Ohms with at least 70 Watts of clean tone.
  • EQ Designed for Pedals: Different to traditional guitar amplifiers, the EQ has been designed to be flatter and more neutral. At 12 o’clock (neutral) the EQ cuts out allowing the tone to be exactly what your pedals define.
  • Portable: Only 3kg in weight, therefore perfect for fly dates. Furthermore the Pedal Baby 100 will work from the smallest stages to the largest festivals.


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