NAMM 2019: Moog Sirin, the Analog Bringer of Joy

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At NAMM 2019 Moog gave us a preview of a fascinating limited-edition synth. Produced in collaboration with Moog House of Electronicus, the Moog Sirin is an interesting concept, and with a limited production run worldwide you’ll do well to get your hands on one!

Moog House of Electronicus

Moog House of Electronicus

This is essentially a pop-up Moog experience. Taking place between 24th-30th January, the House of Electronicus allowed people to experiment with synthesized sound in an organic and artistic way. Containing a host of exciting Moog products hooked up to speakers and headphones, users could experiment with sonic creativity. Subsequent 37, Grandmother, the new Moog One as well as DFAM and Mother 32 units – it’s a veritable synth head’s playground! But the elusive star of the show was the Sirin…

Moog Sirin, the Analog Bringer of Joy

As the exotic title suggests, this little analogue unit is a lot of fun! Built to the same small-format size as the Minitaur, it uses many traits from the Taurus One. These were both designed to be bass instruments and so stopped at middle C. The Sirin continues well past, all the way up to D8!

Moog Sirin Build Image

The Sirin uses two Taurus Bass oscillators, modified to extend the pitch range. There’s a classic Moog 4-pole Ladder filter, two super-fast ADSR envelopes, and a multi-wave LFO. This gives you plenty of tone-shaping opportunity.

Moog Sirin front

The physical interface combines a classic knob for each function layout, yet also combines with a free Editor/Librarian software. This ensures that the Sirin remains an easy-to-use analogue instrument that is compatible with any DAW or MIDI Controller. Save up to 128 presets in hardware, automate parameters, unlock hidden features, and explore the magical realms of synthesis.

Moog Sirin Back


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