NAMM 2019: Ibanez Highlights

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Ibanez are one of the first out of the blocks for 2019, with over 40 new electric guitars and 26 new basses. Known worldwide as a pioneering brand with exceptional build quality and attention to detail, Ibanez are sure to turn heads with this big release. We take a look at some of the most interesting instruments from the line-up…

Electric Guitars

Ibanez 2019 RGA Axion Label RGA60AL


Go to: Ibanez RGA60AL

Aimed at metal players, the Axion Label from Ibanez is their newest series for 2019. If you need a six-string that will let you push performance to the limit, look no further! The RGA60AL uses the RGA arched top body shape and a show stopping Antique Brown Stain finish. Along with the rest of the Axion series, this guitar features the Nitro Wizard neck made from 5-piece Panga Panga/ Walnut. This guitar is packed with a pair of Bare Knuckle Aftermath humbuckers, giving you the ultimate fast-riffing, high-octane metal guitar tone.

Ibanez 2019 RG Premium RG1070FM


Go to: Ibanez Premium RG1070FM

This model is from the RG Premium range and is built to exceptionally high standards. Designed for the optimum playing experience, the 11-piece Wizard neck oozes with technical beauty and quality, making this guitar comfortable and fast to play. The Edge bridge is Ibanez’ high engineered solution to a reliable vibrato system, giving you the scope for the most extreme whammy acrobatics. The trio of powerful DiMarzio pickups in an HSH configuration gives you an extreme blend of power and tone.

Ibanez 2019 RG Series RG8 – White


Go to: Ibanez RG8

The Ibanez RG8 is an affordable 8-string guitar, now available in white for 2019. Thanks to the rising popularity of progressive metal, increased range guitars are becoming ever more visible. This may be an entry-level 8 string, but is by no means a cheap beginner instrument. The hardware and IBZ pickups are good quality, and the thick Wizard II 8-piece Maple neck is just the platform for operating on a guitar of this size! If you want to branch out to an 8 string, this is a great option to begin with.

Ibanez 2019 Paul Gilbert Signature PGMM21


Go to: Ibanez PGMM21

Built to the scale length of the awesome Ibanez Mikro travel guitars, this latest signature model from Paul Gilbert is a real bit of fun. Younger players will enjoy the smaller size, and even experienced pros will be able to have fun with some extreme reaches and bends. The Infinity R pickups give you a warm tone and articulate response, with clarity and tightness when overdriven. A great little instrument and a genuine Paul Gilbert signature coming in at well under £200!

Ibanez 2019 RG Gio GRG7221QA 7-String


Go to: Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA

The Gio series is Ibanez’ most affordable range, and has provided the first guitar for many young and aspiring players. New for 2019, the GRG7221QA is a great value instrument. 7-string guitars can often be costly and this can put many players off the idea. The Gio series brings a decent quality guitar to an affordable price point, giving you a tight and chunky guitar tone on an extended range guitar. If you are looking to branch out on your first 7-string, this could be a great place to start!

Ibanez 2019 AS Artcore Expressionist AS93ZW


Go to: Ibanez AS93ZW

Breathing fresh life into the hollow-body guitar market, Ibanez present their Artcore Expressionist series. Jazz fans will recognize the Ibanez original Super 58 pickups; the preferred pickup of George Benson, Pat Metheny and John Scofield on their own Signature models. The AS93ZW is a wonder to behold, with its exciting Zebrawood body and top. A gorgeous-looking and highly versatile guitar that will become a favourite of your collection!

Ibanez 2019 AM Artcore Expressionist AM93ME


Go to: Ibanez AM93ME

Quite possibly the most beautiful guitar of the 2019 range, the AM93ME uses the AM shape with the Artcore Expressionist setup. A hollow body construction and two Super 58 pickups give this guitar its classic jazzy characteristic tone. The Macassar Ebony construction gives great looks, and we think makes this the star of the 2019 range!


Ibanez 2019 SR Premium SR2405W 5-String


Go to: Ibanez SR2405W

The 2019 SR2405W is part of the Ibanez Premium range, and it certainly befits the Premium moniker! In a gorgeous Brown Top Burst finish, the grain of the figured maple top glistens through to make this a great looking instrument. The Atlas-5 neck uses a 5-piece construction and makes for a smooth and comfortable playing experience. The Aguilar Super Double pickups give you a weighty thump, and are some of the most response passive pickups available today. A precision bass guitar for the most discerning players.

Ibanez 2019 BTB Series BTB20TH5 5-String


Go to: Ibanez BTB20TH5

One of the most eye-catching basses we are likely to see at NAMM this year, the BTB20TH5 features a stunning flamed maple top finished in Blue Reef Gradation. This bass gives you amazing sound, with an active Ibanez custom 3-band EQ and a pair of coveted Nordstrand Big Single pickups. These chunky pickups give you huge presence and work great with fuzz effects.

Ibanez 2019 SR Series SR650E


Go to: Ibanez SR650E

The solid ash body of the SR650E is left bare, to create an awesome looking antique brown stained instrument. The SR4 neck shape is thinner than your average bass, and will help to optimise playing comfort. The combination of Nordstrand CND passive pickups you a whole host of tonal possibilities, everything from light precision through to thundering bass tone.

Ibanez 2019 SR Series SR300E


Go to: Ibanez SR300E

This well-priced bass sits towards the bottom-end of Ibanez 2019 range, but it’s still an exceptional instrument. The Metallic Sage Green finish gives a unique appearance, and the SR4 neck is a joy to play. The SR300E gives you the signature sound of an Ibanez bass, thanks to the active electronics and pair of PowerSpan Dual Coil humbucking pickups. This would make a great first serious bass guitar, and is built to last for years.



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