NAMM 2019: Fender Unveil Their Latest FX Creations

Posted on 24th January 2019 by

Fender made a huge splash last year with their foray into the FX pedals market. Sleek looks, great sounds and interesting features made them some of our favourite new products of 2018. Back once again at NAMM 2019, Fender expand their pedal offering with six new products.

Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal

Fender MTG Tube Distortion


  • Real tube-driven distortion pedal
  • NOS 6205 preamp tube
  • 3-Band EQ; Boost with Gain and Level controls

A distortion pedal with an integral vacuum tube? Fender have gone there. As a result. you get the real dirty deal in a compact pedalboard-friendly box! Featuring a NOS 6205 preamp tube, you can dial in all manner of vintage tubey sound with the neat controls and reap the sonic rewards.

Fender Bubbler Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

Fender Bubbler Chorus


  • Analog Chorus Pedal
  • Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
  • Dynamically responsive modulation rate

The foundation of many a legendary guitar tone, Fender present their Bubbler Analog Chorus. Switchable slow and fast speeds, with independent depth and rate controls. You can also select between Sine and Triangle waveforms. Whenever you tone needs a wonky dimension, dial in the Bubbler!

Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal

Fender Lost Highway Phaser


  • Analog 4 and 8-stage phaser pedal
  • Slow/Fast with independent Rate and Depth controls
  • Blend and Feedback controls

The cornerstone of psychedelia, Fender’s Lost Highway brings powerful and flexible analog phasing to the table. Superb controls, allowing you to go from a slow moody phase shifting to rapid warping modulations. Both 4 and 8 stage phasing circuits are incorporated, to let you quickly add extra resonance to your tone.

Fender The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal

Fender The Pinwheel


  • Rotary speaker pedal
  • Switchable Slow/Fast speeds
  • Onboard overdrive; dynamically responsive modulation rate

Swirling, rotary sounds abound with The Pinwheel. Because of the three different rotary speaker voices, including Fender’s own Vibratone effect, you can easily add classic sound to your arsenal. Additionally, Slow and Fast speeds, onboard overdrive and sensitivity controls all let you fine-tune your tone.

Fender Tre-Verb Digital Reverb/Tremolo Pedal

Fender Tre-Verb


  • Combined Tremolo and Reverb pedal
  • Independent Tremolo and Reverb effects with three voices each
  • Stereo inputs and outputs

The Tre-Verb puts independent controls for tremolo and reverb into a single pedal at your feet. Because the Tre-Verb includes classic reverb voicings based on the Fender classics from the early ‘60s, you will enjoy the vintage sound and tone-shaping potential of this awesome effects pedal.

Fender Downtown Express Bass Station Multi Effects Pedal

Fender Downtown Express


  • Bass multi-effect pedal
  • Onboard compressor, overdrive with speaker emulation and 3-Band EQ
  • Effect order toggle switch

This is a complete bass tone-sculpting solution with a compressor, EQ and overdrive. In other words, everything you need to build your ideal bass tone. There’s also a Direct Output for easily integrating into any stage or studio setting.



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