MXR: 10 Years of the Carbon Copy Delay

Posted on 17th October 2018 by

MXR celebrate 10 years of their Carbon Copy Delay pedal! This analog unit has quickly become a rock ‘n’ roll hall of famer, featured on pedalboards of many top guitarists. Spanning genres, this pedal has found a happy home in the rigs of players like John Mayer, The Edge, Scott Ian and Paul Gilbert.

Carbon Copy Delay


This pedal’s strengths lie in the all-analogue signal path and simple controls, as well as rugged MXR build quality. Up to 600ms of delay time means that you can replicate slapback sounds right through to lush ambient textures. Throw in the modulation feature and you have a seriously versatile delay pedal! Adjust the modulation via internal width and rate trim pots, which can add vintage tape flutter or extra richness and depth.

This limited-edition model is housed in a metallic silver aluminium casing. If you’ve not used one before, what better time to grab one than this special edition?


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