Moog Grandmother Synthesizer First Look!

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Moog’s family of Mother synthesizers has another member. Added to the Mother-32 and the DFAM, Moog present the Grandmother! This is a fully-featured semi-modular analogue synth, available now for order from Rich Tone Music…

Grandmother has Classic Moog DNA

Grandmother Top

Moog have been making a splash with their Mother series, which are Eurorack-friendly and reasonably priced. The spirit of the Grandmother takes much inspiration from the classic Moog Modular Synthesizers. The journey of sonic discovery is as important as the end result with analogue gear! With built-in modules, you can reconfigure the control panel in endless combinations and explore the possibilities.

Fully-Featured Analogue Synthesizer

Grandmother Back

This colourful synth is comprised of an all analogue sound engine, modulation engine and spring reverb tank. Inspired by the classic Moog modular from the past, this enables you to create authentic vintage Moog sounds. The 2 analogue oscillators have a variety of waveshapes and feature a hard sync function. There’s a built in arpeggiator and 256 note sequencer here as well, enabling you to really enjoy programming the Grandmother and let your imagination run wild. There’s a fantastic pair of filters on board, as well as analogue ADSR envelope and LFO which will go up into the audible range. Moog have put all the cool stuff you’d want to see into a friendly, affordable compact unit!

Positive Patching Potential

Grandmother Lifestyle

The way to unlock the potential of the Grandmother is through the patchable front panel. You don’t have to patch, as the Grandmother has all-internal connections and will run straight out of the box. But you can really mix things up using the 41 patch points, 21 inputs and 16 outputs! This lets you free the incorporated modules and operate them as single standalone units.  There’s also a ¼” external jack input, so you can plug in guitars, drum machines, and practically anything else!

The Grandmother is a very versatile toolkit, and the opportunity to break down the modules and mix them up with external instruments makes for a mind-blowing prospect. It uses Moog’s signature styling, a real head-turner that looks like something straight out the 70s. The Grandmother is available for order now, so get yourself to the front of the queue!


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