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Looking for lush cinematic ambience, otherworldly modulated echoes, bit-crushed arpeggios or pro studio mic-preamps? You’ll find it all from Meris, in this spectacular range of compact pedals and 500-series modules! Rich Tone Music take a closer look at the range from this fresh boutique pedal brand….

A company appearing to be in its infancy, behind Meris is a veritable ‘supergroup’ of engineers and effects experts. Between founder Terry Burton, lead DSP engineer Angelo Mazzocco and creative director Jinna Kim, they have experience spanning Strymon and Line 6, real heavyweights in the guitar effects universe. Meris are building the future of effects, and setting new standards for what a pedal can do!

Enzo Synth Pedal

Meris Enzo Synth Pedal

This brand new unit is Meris’ venture to create the ultimate synth pedal. Because of the brilliant note-tracking and diverse controls, the Enzo can help you forge ahead on a voyage of synthesized madness! Capable of producing fat monosynth sounds, complex polyphonic chords and multi-note sequenced arpeggiation. And best of all, this pedal isn’t a guitar exclusive – you can plug in anything with an instrument or line level signal. Beef up your bass, psyche out with a synth, even drum machines can be used to create wild soundscapes. This is by no means another synth pedal. Be inspired and experimental with this hugely musical device!

Polymoon Delay

Polymoon Delay

Setting a new standard for what a delay pedal can be, the Polymoon is a modern and powerful effects unit. Rather than trying to reproduce vintage gear, Meris have aimed for the stars and encapsulate moods and atmospheres with clean, epic sounds. With 6-different multi-tap delay lines and up to 1200ms of delay, you can construct thick swirling textures. There’s also a heap of modulation effects; flanger, phaser, LFO and pitch shifting are all available. Using a 24bit digital converter and 32bit floating point DSP, these are some of the highest fidelity delay effects you can get on your pedal board!

Mercury7 Reverb

Mercury7 Reverb

The Mercury7 pedal distils the ultra-advanced capabilities of the 500-Series rack unit into a compact format. This is studio quality stereo reverb on your pedalboard! There’s two different reverb algorithms, Ultraplate and Cathedra, which alone deliver supreme ambience. Additionally there’s a tonne of modulation options; pitch-shifting, swell, sustain, EQ… resulting in millions of combinations. Whether you’re going for smooth ambience or enormous out-of-this world soundscapes, you’ll find a wealth of imaginative sound design possibilities with the Mercury7!

Ottobit Jr Bitcrusher

Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher

From the super-powerful 500-Series Ottobit rack unit Meris have created the Ottobit Jr. This is one whacky pedal, labelled as a ‘Bitcrusher’ but capable of so much more. Taking inspiration from retro video arcade games, this is a sound design tool that will take you into new realms. Unique and innovative, Ottobit Jr. sports a fuzzy bitcrusher with variable sample rate, triggered stutter effects, a multi-mode sequencer module and a mindblowing low-pass filter that sounds just as good as any analog synth filter out there. Jump between lo-fi bleeps and raging guitar tone. Once again, this works great with guitar, bass and synths!


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