The MarkBass Marcus Miller Signature Series Amps

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When we think of jazz, R&b and funk, the mind goes to legends like Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin and George Benson. All these players were incredible, producing music that withstood the test of time. Even now they continue to influence musicians, everywhere. But, lurking behind those slick bass lines and quality melodies is the excellent multi-instrumentalist Marcus Miller.

Miller has contributed as much to popular music as any of the aforementioned legends. And, that’s why the MarkBass guys have developed the Marcus Miller Signature range of amps, combos and cabinets.

Marcus Miller Signature Bass Heads

Markbass Marcus Miller Signature Heads

The Little Marcus 250 is smart, versatile and portable. Its size is perfect for players who need to deliver an exceptional sound, albeit in smaller venues, the studio or rehearsal room.

But, if you need more bang for your buck, the Little Marcus 1000 is an exciting amp for players who demand power, tone and versatility. It’s an ultrahigh-power amp is powered by a stunning 1000W MPT power amp. Because of its power, this beast offers some serious headroom with fantastic definition and dynamics. It delivers a knockout sound, no matter what size venue you are playing.

This Casa is a solid-state amp that’s both warm and natural. It can accurately reproduce the tone of your instrument and its 5-band EQ ensures you have enough options available to help shape your sound. Furthermore, the Casa has a very cool vintage design with modern benefits and long-term reliability.

Marcus Miller Bass Combos

MarkBass Marcus Miller Signature Combo

The 101 Micro 60 combo is a powerful little beast that delivers more bang than its modest size suggests. It comes with both gain and master controls, a 3-band EQ and several output options. This guy is great for small venues and studio work.

The CMD 102 250 and 500 combos are some of the most versatile on the market. They feature a plenty of EQ options and are adaptable enough to find the perfect sound. Their 2×10 speakers are perfect if you want to head plenty of attack from the cones. And, their compact size makes them perfect for gigging bassists who don’t want to break their back loading in or out.

And finally, the CMD 103 is considered one of the biggest in the signature series. It’s designed for players who want to experience an exceptional sound with high power from a versatile combo. Its unique 3×10 cab design offers a balanced sound with bags of punch and amazingly clear definition.

Marcus Miller Bass Cabinets

MarkBass Marcus Miller Signature Bass Cabs

The Marcus Miller 102 and 104 bass cabinets are great if you’re looking for well controlled bottom end and smooth, crisp highs. So, whether you’re a slapper, popper, groover or finger player, these cabs help you deliver the sound you want. And, their wedged design means you can use the cabs as a floor monitors or in their standard vertical position. Plus, the lightweight designs of both means they’re easy to transport to and from shows or the studio.

This Markbass Classic 108 Casa is an old-style sealed bass cabinet. It’s perfect for players who desire the look and sound of old standards with the benefits of modern technology. And because the cab is powerful yet lightweight, it’s another one that’s courteous to your physical health. In other words, no matter what you need, the 108 delivers.


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