Mapex Tornado: The Best Beginner’s Drum Kit

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One of the main obstacles in getting started with drumming is the cost. With so many parts and components, it’s difficult to know you’re getting quality for your money. The Mapex Tornado kit provides the answer, including everything you need to get started for less than £300!

World-renowned as a brand, Mapex manufacture a whole range of drums and provide kits for players of all levels. In fact, check out their list of artists to see what we mean! Their Tornado series has become the obvious choice for beginners and is a best-seller in the UK. The combination of quality and affordability is the best available, and the value speaks for itself!

Order the Mapex Tornado 20″ now in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy

Mapex Tornado: What’s Included?

  • 5-piece drum kit with 9-ply poplar shells (Kick Drum, Snare, 2 x Rack Toms, Floor Tom)
  • 200 Series Hardware Pack & Throne (Hi-Hat Stand, Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand, Kick Pedal, Throne)
  • 2 Piece Cymbal Set (Hi-Hat top and bottom, Crash)
  • Pair of Drum Sticks (Size: 7A)

Mapex Tornado Kit

5-Piece Shell Pack – Which Size is Right?

The Mapex Tornado kit is available in three different sizes. There’s a 22” Rock, 20” Fusion and 18” Compact kit to decide between. These sizes give the diameter of the kick drum, the biggest drum in the kit. All the drums in the Mapex Tornado kits are fitted with Remo heads, which not only sound great but will last!

Mapex Tornado Kick Drum

20″ Fusion Kit

For a beginner, the 20” Fusion kit is more often than not the best option. This gives you a great balance between power and tone. Professionally speaking, this is the most versatile size as you can tune down for a rockier sound or tighten up for a jazzy and funky feel.

  • Bass Drum: 20″x16″
  • Rack Toms: 10″x8″ & 12″x9″
  • Floor Tom: 14″x14″
  • Snare: 14″x5″

Order the Mapex Tornado 20″ in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy

22″ Rock Kit

The 22” Rock kit is generally considered the standard size for a drum kit. This gives a big and powerful sound.

  • Bass Drum: 22″x16″
  • Rack Toms: 10″x7″ & 12″x8″
  • Floor Tom: 16″x14″
  • Snare: 14″x5.5″

Order the Mapex Tornado 22″ in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy

18″ Compact Kit

The 18” Compact kit leaves a smaller footprint together with tight and punchy sounds.

  • Bass Drum: 18″x16″
  • Rack Toms: 10″x7″ & 12″x8″
  • Floor Tom: 14″x12″
  • Snare: 14″x5.5″

Order the Mapex Tornado 18″ in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy

Mapex Tornado Toms


200 Series Hardware Pack & Throne

This pack contains all the stands and accessories you need to get started, and saves you over £100! Many kits sold as “Shell Packs” don’t include this hardware, so watch out when comparing with other products.

Mapex Tornado Hardware

The 200 Series Hardware Pack includes:

  • B200 Boom Cymbal Stand
  • H200 Hi-Hat Stand
  • S200 Snare Stand
  • P200 Kick Drum Pedal
  • T200 Drum Throne

The Mapex Tornado 200 Series hardware is brilliant, and will provide a sturdy base for playing. Some cheaper kits cut corners on manufacturing, but the Mapex stuff is well-made, including double-bracing construction and a locking snare stand. You can hit hard with full confidence that everything will stay where it should!

Order the Mapex Tornado 20″ in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy

2-Piece Cymbal Set & Sticks

To complete the Tornado Starter kit, Mapex throw in a 14” pair of Hi-Hats and a 16” Crash/Ride cymbal, as well as a pair of 7A drum sticks. This means you can get playing straight out of the box!

Mapex Tornado Cymbal

To Sum Up…

There isn’t a better choice for a beginner kit than the Mapex Tornado. This takes away the confusion of buying a first kit with everything you need arriving together. The drums and hardware are great quality for the money, sound great and will last even under some abuse! And when it comes to moving up to a second kit fin the future, some cheaper-end starter kits end up going in the bin! Not the case here as the Mapex Tornado will hold a decent re-sale value even a couple of years down the line. The Mapex Tornado really is the ideal choice for a first drum kit!

Order the Mapex Tornado 20″ in: Black | Royal Blue | Burgundy


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