Line 6 Helix Experience

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Helix is a new kind of guitar processor. It’s not only a tour-grade multi-effect processor that sounds and feels authentic, it’s also one of the most comprehensive master controllers for guitar systems ever built!

Helix Experience

Our store manager Mark has long been championing the abilities of the Line 6 Helix to recreate accurate valve amp tones for studio and stage use alike. It is a one stop processor with the ability to replace an entire amp and pedalboard rig! But this complexity and level of depth can be daunting for some players.

Tempted by the Helix and need some guidance to build your confidence? Mark is here to help you start that journey!  Mark can give you a full demonstration answer questions and even program custom patches with you when you buy.

Mark With Helix

Already Own A Line 6 Helix?

For current Helix owners, we can also offer a tuition service!  Can’t quite nail your tone or are trying to emulate famous rigs? We can work on these together to make sure you are happy!  If you are trying to integrate the Helix into a current rig (eg, 4 cable method etc.) then this can also be set up with your existing gear.

We have a Helix Tour Grade Processor on full time demo. It’s plugged in and ready to rock, so you can visit at any time to try the unit.  If you wish to guarantee yourself a time slot with Mark, please call or email to arrange an appointment. Contact us at!


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