Learn The Easy Way With These New Casio Digital Pianos

Posted on 17th January 2019 by

If you’re toying with the idea of dipping your hands into the world of digital pianos then now is the right time to do it. Because Casio has just announced two exciting new products in time for the NAMM 2019 convention.

Casio CDP-S100 Digital Piano

This Casio CDP-S100 is a perfect introduction to the vast landscape of digital pianos. The slimline design gives you all the features of a large-scale digital piano, but in a sleek and lightweight form. Weighing in at a little over 10kg, it makes life very easy when transporting and setting up.

Casio CDP-S100 Digital Piano

It also features 88 full-size hammer action keys and a new piano sound engine. These combine to enhance the dynamic range and deliver a realistic playing experience. Furthermore, the Casio CDP-S100’s Chordana Play App connects to your tablet or smartphone helps you learn piano in a fun and convenient way.  So, there really hasn’t been a better time to upload your favourite songs and get playing.

New Features

  • Ultra Compact & Slimline Design
  • Lightweight Body at just 10.5Kg
  • AHL Sound Source ii with enhanced dynamic range
  • Textured key touch & weighted smart scaled hammer action
  • Battery Power function up to 13 hours playing time*
  • Chordana Play for Piano App Connectivity

Casio CDP-S350 Digital Piano

Like the CDP-S100, this Casio CDP-S350 is sleek, lightweight and very easy to carry. But, some major differences include the volume of tones, songs and rhythms available. In fact, there are 700 separate tones stored on-board the CDP-S350, which make your possibilities seem almost endless. It also includes lots of music effects, such as reverb and chorus. And, a Layer Function that lets you layer two tones beside one another.

The CDP-S350 also provides you with a free digital downloadable book, as well as letting you connect to the Chordana Play App. All of this is designed to get you learning immediately, and consequently, set you on your way to enjoying the full benefits of this excellent digital piano.

New Features

  • Ultra Compact & Slimline Design
  • Lightweight Body at Just 10.9Kg
  • Textured key touch & weighted smart scaled hammer action
  • Enhanced AHL Sound Source ii with 700 Instrument tones
  • x 200 Auto-Accompaniment Revamped Styles
  • Battery Power operation ( up to 4 Hours )
  • Enhanced Loudspeaker System 8w + 8w



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