Korg Prologue: New Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer!

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Analog and polyphony are two words rarely heard together. Korg’s Minilogue has blown us away ever since its release, and now they’ve taken it to the next level with the Prologue. Read on for an inside look at the latest release from the Japanese tech giants.

Ultimate Multi-voice, Multi-timbre, Multi-engine.

Korg have been pushing on with an analogue revival. After developments made with the 4-voice Minilogue and the monophonic Monologue, Korg are now ready for us to see the flagship model; introducing the Prologue.

With a full-sized keyboard, powerful analogue circuits developed directly from the earlier models, and a brand new multi engine, the Prologue is absolutely a fully-fledged synth. Welcome to the world of audial exploration, as you sculpt and shape sounds from your dreams on the tactile and intuitive control panel.

Available in two models; the lighter eight-voice 49-key Prologue-8, and the all singing 16-voice 61-key Prologue-16. As the trailer demonstrates, this is the one-stop shop for all your synth requirements, creating warm and textured patches that sound full and vintage.

Prologue Features Overview

Time for a quick overview of some of the key components and developments that have made:

16/8 All Analog Polyphony Voices and All New Multi-Engine

Using 11,000 discrete electronic components this is the culmination of Korg’s synthesizer development over the last few years. With impeccable sound quality from its pure analog signal path, along with the same intuitive interface as the Minilogue and Monologue, this synth opens up a lot of possibilities. The ingenuity of the Prologue goes beyond its analog design. The newly developed multi engine is provided as a third oscillator, adding digital waveforms and FM. Equipped with three different sound engines, the multi-engine can be combined with the analog VCOs to expand prologue’s sonic potential far beyond that of a traditional analog synthesizer.

Digital and Analog Sends

The Prologue is packed with high quality digital effects, featuring high definition 32-bit floating point processing. This adds even more sheen to the sound, and allows you to develop and improve your sounds into new territory. There are two slots, one for modulation and one for delay/reverb. There’s also user effect slots, so you can create and load your own effect patches. The exclusive VU meter is available only on the prologue-16, and indicates the newly developed master effect L.F. COMP. It’s a low end booster/compressor using an analog circuit, delivering a solid sense of presence that cannot be obtained from a simple EQ. You’ll particularly notice the difference in high-volume stage performances, where maximum dynamics can be utilized.

Timbres, Voice Modes and Arpeggiator

The Prologue is a two-timbre synthesizer that lets you use two different patches simultaneously. This means you can layer to create thick moving textures, or split the keyboard to play different patches across the keys. You can even crossfade between the main and sub timbres! There are four voice modes; Poly, Mono, Unison, and Chord:

  • Poly: Offers the full polyphony of the synth, 8 or 16 voices.
  • Mono: Works as a single oscillator with a sub.
  • Unison: Operates all the oscillators together.
  • Chord: Perhaps obviously, plays chords.

A great feature which can really open some creative doors is the arpeggiator. With a four-octave range and six arpeggiator types, you can play parts that would be impossible, or create sequence-like sound designs. It’s great to have this as a built in unit, as there’s another control to mess around with.

To sum up…

The Korg Prologues more than succeed as a pair of fully-featured and powerful synthesizer keyboards. With a definite vintage revival at the moment and the popularity of retro musical styles coming back, be sure to find plenty of use for the Prologue. Combining great vintage looks with cutting-edge synthesizer technology, they are here to stay. If you loved the Minilogue and wanted a bit more, or simply looking for massive analogue polyphonic features, the Prologue is a must.


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